Saturday, October 18, 2008

FiveFingerz (aka Ricky Bobby) Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

Thanks to all the cool folks who showed up to play in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly even though I had a major fuck up and created the wrong tournament. I've been running this series for almost 40 weeks and this is the second error. A couple of months ago, I set up a Limit Omaha High tournament and this Saturday I screwed the pooch and made it heads up PLO.

If anyone who played wants a refund, shoot me an email with your screen name and I'll return your full buy-in.

As it turned out, the heads up format was sort of exciting to watch and I think that I'll do another one sometime in the future.

We had 34 runners and the top 8 got paid. 32 is ideal for heads up grid which meant that 30 people got first round buys and there were two matches in Round 1. Haley beat former champ Arctic Action to advance to Round 2 while Change100 lost her match against drunkenlush and she was Gigli.

It only 15 minutes before we started Round 2. I was heads up against BoscoDon. He's a regular participant and he always seems to get the bad end of things at Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Not this time. He busted me on a hand I should have gotten away from, but didn't. It was only the fourth hand of heads up play. We were both even in chips. I had Js-10s-5h-4c. I min-raised and he called. The flop was 9s-6s-4d. He bet half the pot. I raised to 120. He re-raised to 520. I called. The turn was the 4s. He checked. I bet 680. He called. The turn was the 2d. He moved all in for 1,720. I tanked for a second and figured he would have slowplayed a bigger hand. All I had was a Jack-high flush... on a paired board. Ah, fuck it. I called. He had 10c-8d-6d-6c. He flopped a set and turned a boat. Ooooops. Bad call and I was out.

After I busted, I focused on sweating some interesting match ups such as Bayne vs. Jeciimd and last week's champion Acronman was taken out by linkocracy. Another big matchup was Derek vs. Last King of Scotland. That battle featured 5 total Saturdays with Dr. Pauly titles. And it ended up going the longest in Round 2. First hand after the break... super coooler... set over set. Derek lost the lead. He eventually busted in in 17th place.

And we were onto Round 3 or the Sweet 16!
Sweet 16 (Round 3):
BoscoDon vs. salmonlicker
Haley vs. etl4
Bayne vs. Lineside
Syndey 8 vs. MrMojo
FiveFingerz vs. ResdentEvil
mplsT vs. BingoFan
SmBoatDrinks vs. yosoyveneno
Quinedge vs. Linkocracy
The featured match up was between FiveFingerz vs. ResdentEvil. FiveFingerz was down to less than 1K in chips and made one hell of a comeback. Their match would last the second longest of the round. When the dust settled, FiveFingerz slayed the Last King of Scotland. The Saturdays with Dr. Pauly title would no longer stay on Scottish soil after last week's champ went out in the previous round and Scotland's last hopes were on the shoulders of the Last King of Scotland.

The last match of the round was Baynes vs. Lineside and Lineside bubbled out in 9th place.
Elite 8 (Round 4):
mplsT vs. yosoyveneno
salmonlicker vs. Haley
linkocracy vs. Bayne
FiveFingerz vs. Sydney8
The final eight players cashed. This round went the quickest.
Final 4 (Round 5):
mplsT vs. Bayne
salmonlicker vs. FiveFingerz
The match between mplsT and Bayne lasted four hands. I almost missed it. Both players got it all in on a flop of Jd-8d-6c. Check. Bet. Raise. Re-raise. Four bet. Five bet all in. Call. Bayne was ahead with a bigger two pair. However, mplsT boated up on the turn and Bayne did not improve. He was out in 4th place.

The Salmonlicker and FiveFingerz match was back and forth. FiveFingerz had Salmon on the ropes but couldn't deliver the knockout blow when Salmon cracked his Aces with a straight. That hand gave Salmon the chiplead. FiveFingerz grinded back and eventually won the match. On the final hand, both players got in all in on the turn. The baord was Kc-9d-7s-2d.

FiveFingerz: Jc-9h-6s-2c
salmonlicker: Ac-Qd-Jd-6c

The river was the Ks. Salmon missed his flush draw and FiveFingerz won the pot and the match.
The Final 2 (Round 6):
mplsT vs. FiveFingerz
Both players started with 48,000 in chips. Blinds were were 320/640...

On the 36th hand or so it was over. FiveFingerz held almost a 17K lead. mplsT raised to 4,444 and FiveFingerz called. The flop was Ah-Qc-10h. FiveFingerz checked. mplsT bet 5,555. FiveFingerz check-raised to 11,110. mplsT shoved all in. FiveFingez wrote, "Oh no lol. Badcall I guess."

FiveFingerz: Ac-Jh-9d-8c
mplsT: Kh-Kc-5d-4h Kc

FiveFingerz was in the lead. His hand held up and mplsT was eliminated in 2nd place. FiveFingerz won the first ever heads up version of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Congrats!
The Money Winners:
1. FiveFingerz - $119
2. mplsT - $68
3. salmonlicker - $34
4. Bayne - $34
5. Sydney8 - $21.25
6. CawtBluffin - $21.25
7. yosoyveneno - $21.25
8. linkocrazy - $21.25
Congrats again to the money winners especially FiveFingerz (aka Ricky Bobby) for taking it down. He's had one heck of a week. He won a seat to the Caribbean Adventure and he added a Saturdays with Dr. Pauly title to his tournament wins this week.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding this week with the scheduling error. And thanks to everyone who pimped and plugged the event.

See you next week!

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