Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sting11165 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly

We had our second London installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. This time, I was heavily distracted with covering the EPT London and could not give the tournament my full attention.

However, we had a good turnout with 26 runners. Top 3 got paid prize money.

Special guests included Wil Wheaton, Katkin, Jose from South America, and BamBam.

Sunoo5103 was Gigli.

I showed up a few minutes late. The tournament began when I was on the floor of the Vic Casino logging a big double up by French high stakes cash game pro Antony Lellouche.

I eventually busted out early. I couldn't even tell you the hand, I was so busty multi-tasking. I went out in 20th place.

Niktak was the chopleader at the first break with 14 to go.
Final Table:
Seat 1: holdin-ragz! (5530)
Seat 2: Wil Wheaton (4270)
Seat 3: Trane420 (5710)
Seat 4: MyLuckyGirls (2985)
Seat 5: Sting11165 (4590)
Seat 6: HermWarfare (2250)
Seat 7: DoubleDave (3825)
Seat 8: niktak (8720)
Seat 9: ResdentEvil (1120)
At the second break, Derek opened up a massive lead. He had Aces a couple of times and busted a few players. With 7 to go, he had 13K... twice as much as second place. He had 1/3 of the entire chips in play. Then donked them all off. He'd finish up in 6th place.

Holdin-ragz ended up the Bubble Boy. The Last King of Scotland failed in his quest to win his record-shattering 4th Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Alas, he finished in third place. John Katkin (from Murder's Row fame) finished in second behind eventual champion Sting11165.

Here's how Sting described the final hand... "I had 7s As Qh Js in the 2K big blind and checked after he limped. Once the flop came Qs 8s 3c I was plotting how to get all the money in the pot and I started by checking. The turn was the 6d and I checked again, hoping Nik would take the bait. And he did, although he only bet the minimum. I went ahead and bet the pot and was happy when he made a 'Screw it' push. No, seriously, he actually typed "Screw it" and pushed an open-ended straight draw 4c 5h 2d Tc. My hand held up to his 6 outs and I took my first Saturdays with Dr. Pauly title!"

Congrats, sir.
The Money Winners:
1. Sting11165 - $130
2. niktak - $78
3. ResdentEvil - $52
And thanks again to everyone who played this week. And thanks for pimping the event.

Sorry that I could not give it my full focus this week. Next week might be tough for me to play since I'll be on holiday. Regardless, Saturdays with Dr. Pauly will run as scheduled.

Congrats again to Sting!

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