Sunday, October 26, 2008

2Tall_Saint Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

27 runners on a lazy Saturday showed up for the latest installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, including a slew of rowdy Canucks such as Bam Bam and Kat. When it was all over, 2Tall_Saint from London would take it down.

My starting table included CheckRaise70, BamBamCan, Derek, marnisl, 8 PEOPLES, and Skow-go.

Yosoyveneno was Gigli. Alas, I missed the hand but think it happened on the second or third hand.

Early on I crippled Derek with Ah-Ad-Kc-Js. I flopped a full house. I fired out at the flop of Ac-8c-8d. Derek potted and I just called. The turn was a blank. I checked, Derek bet to put me all in and I called. Derek flopped trips eights. My hand held up and he was left with next to nothing.

I increased my stack to 3.7K and hit a couple of draws, then I doubled up StB. I went back near the top of the leaderboard when I won big hand with As-Ks-Kh-5s.

At the first break, I was 5/15 with 4.2K while Kat was chipleader with 7K.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: S.t.B (8905)
Seat 2: 2Tall_Saint (2305)
Seat 3: zagga (6655)
Seat 4: Vernicle (5955)
Seat 5: 8 PEOPLES (1590)
Seat 6: dredful (1500)
Seat 7: Katitude (6115)
Seat 8: DrPauly (6050)
Seat 9: ResdentEvil (1425)
I was doing well, but blew my chip advantage. The Last King of Scotland was short, but he doubled up with Aces.

I took a hit with Qd-Qh-3c-2h in a three-way pot. 8 PEOPLES took it down as dredful was eliminated in ninth place. I slipped to 4.3K and was fifth in chips.

I bottomed out at 2K before I attempted a comeback with a couple of steals. Alas, the run was over when I busted out in 8th place. I made a move in late position and ran into StB's Aces in the big blind. Busto.

Here's one of the biggest pots of the tournament. It was battle of the blinds. 2Tall_Saint called the small blind and zagga checked his option. The flop was As-6s-4h. 2Tall_Saint bet 800. Zagga potted to 3,200. 2Tall_Saint min-raised to 6,400. Zagga shoved all in for 9,810. 2Tall_Saint had him covered and called.

2Tall_Saint: Ad-9s-4c-3d
zagga: Ac-Qs-6c-2s 6c

Zagga's two pair was ahead. The turn was the 3c and the river was the 4d. 2Tall_Saint rivered a boat and Zagga (Acornman) was eliminated in fifth place during one of the biggest pots of the tournament. 2Tall_Saint was the chipleader before the hand, but he took out the only other big stack at the final table. He jumped up to 30K and had over 75% of chips in play.

Kat went out on the bubble with Kings against 2Tall_Saint's Aces. She was Bubble Girl. StB hit the rail in third when his Kings ran into 2Tall_Saint's Aces.
Heads Up Chip Count:
Seat 2: 2Tall_Saint (36140)
Seat 4: Vernicle (4360)
Vernicle made a run a doubled up on the last hand before the second break. He increased his stack to 12.7K as 2Tall_Saint slipped to 27.7. He won a couple of more pots and looked like it was going to be a match. However, 2Tall_Saint maintained his lead and eventually finished off Vernicle on the 28th hand of heads up play. 2Tall_Saint had 34.3K in chips to 6.1K. 2Tall_Saint raised to 1,800 and Vernicle called. The flop was 8d-7s-4s. Vernicle bet 3,600 and 2Tall_Saint called. The turn was the 10h. Vernicle bet his last 720 and 2Tall_Saint called.

Vernicle: Ah-Kc-10c-10s
2Tall_Saint: Qd-Jc-9d-8c

Vernicle had a set of tens against 2Tall_Saint's straight. The river was the Js and 2Tall_Saint won with a Queen-high straight. He won the pot and the tournament as Vernicle was eliminated in second place.
The Money Winners:
1. 2Tall_Saint - $135
2. Vernicle - $81
3. StB - $54
Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. I appreciate your help. Congrats to 2Tall_Saint for the victory. Hope to see everyone next week. I'll be playing from Budapest!

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