Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Last King of Scotland Becomes First Three-Time Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion

By Pauly
Atlantic City, NJ

A couple of months ago, ResdentEvil aka the Last King of Scotland dominated Saturdays with Dr. Pauly by securing back-to-back victories. He made history again by becoming the first three-time winner. Nice job, sir.

We had a great turnout this weekend. 31 runners in total. The top 5 places won.

The special guest this week was none other than... Wil Wheaton. What a pleasant surprise!

I had a tough time playing this week because I was simultaneously working.
My starting table:
Seat 2: lightning36
Seat 3: _PJB_
Seat 4: kcs25 (
Seat 5: holdin-ragz!
Seat 6: peacecorn
Seat 7: DrPauly
Seat 8: bayne_s
Seat 9: 23skidoo
Gigli was Gracie. I missed her bustout.

I went to work and came back only to discover that I was moved to Wil and Family Ice's table.

I won a big hand against Family Ice. I had Qh-10d-7h-6s and limped from the big blind. Three way pot. I flopped trip Queens and slowplayed. Action was checked around. I turned a boat and continued to slowplay. I checked and it got checked behind me. On the river, I led out only to get potted by Family Ice. I bet the pot. Family Ice came back over the top and bet the pot to put me all in. My boat beat his boat. I junped up to 2.5K.

I secured the chiplead and went back to work. When I returned, I made the final table!
The Final Table:
Seat 1: DrPauly (3755)
Seat 2: dfense072 (9775)
Seat 3: ZClub (4185)
Seat 4: Wil Wheaton (2384)
Seat 5: _PJB_ (3073)
Seat 6: ResdentEvil (4329)
Seat 7: bayne_s (10435)
Seat 8: DoubleDave (2655)
Seat 9: S.t.B (5909)
Last King of Scotland crippled me. My K-K-x-x lost to his A-A-x-x. I picked up a couple of re-draws and whiffed on both.

I had next to nothing and went out on the next hand. Wil Wheaton busted me in 8th place.

Wil went out in 7th place. He opened for a 900 raise and Bayne raised the pot to 3000. Wil called all in for the rest of his chips.

Wil Wheaton: Kc-Kh-Qd-9c
bayne_s: Ac-Ad-Qs-7d

The flop was Ks-5c-4d and Wil took the lead with a set of Kings. The turn was the Js and the river was the As. Ouch. Suck. Resuck.Bayne took down the pot as Wil was eliminated in 7th.

The money bubble lasted for a long time. When it burst, the bubble Boy was DoubleDave. He finished in 6th place.

All three of the final three players were previous winners. Bayne headed out in third which left a showdown between ResdentEvil and StB.

It took 19 hands of heads up play before a winner was decided. On the final hand, StB limped from the small blind and ResdentEvil checked. The flop was 9h-5s-4d. ResdentEvil checked. StB bet 2,400. ResdentEvil check-raised to 8.400. StB called all in.

ResdentEvil: Qc-7h-5c-5h
S.t.B: Jc-10c-9d-4c

ResdentEvil flopped a set and was ahead. StB could not improve and was eliminated in second place. ResdentEvil won the pot and finished in first place. He became the first three-time winner.
Week 32 Money Winners:
1. ResdentEvil - $124
2. StB - $74.40
3. Bayne - $49.60
4. dfense072 - $37.20
5. _PJB_ - $24.80
Congrats to ResdentEvil for another victory. Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. Special thanks to Wil for taking time out to join us!

We shall be back next weekend. I'll still be at the Borgata, but the game continues as scheduled.

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