Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump Day, Pimp Day

By Pauly

I'm on a short holiday in Amsterdam raging solo before I head to London for two assignments. I rented a tiny little apartment and the goal is to write as much as I can while I am here, unfortunately, it won't be about poker. Although I played at the airport (5/10 shorthanded) before my flight left JFK. If I can get wifi access at one of my favorite coffeeshops, then I'll multitask and play from here.

And, I will definitely tape at least one episode of Tao of Pokerati live from Amsterdam. Still waiting for Michalski to post the new ones we taped. Nudge, nudge lazy ass.

Anyway, here are a few things you should check out...

Starting off with Flipchip. He posted photos of OJ's Vegas trial and he also posted a ton of Vegas construction pics.

My friend Maridu, aka the Brazilian hottie, recently signed a deal with PokerStars to be one of their sponsored players. She'll do an awesome job because her English is amazing and although I can't read a lick of Portuguese, my friends who can say she's a hysterical writer. Listen to her podcast via Pocket Fives.

If you have been living in a rock or lost in media blackout zones like Las Vegas or China, then you missed the insanity on Wall Street last week. I have been keeping up to date following my two favorite Wall Street blogs and friends of Tao of Poker... Deal Breaker and Wall Street Fighter. If you want a British business writer's take on poker and the overall economy check out Peter Birks. He's a daily read along with my boy Kid Dynamite.

And lastly, Joe Sebok told me about the newly launched PokerRoad forums. Sign up today! The gang at Poker Road were cool enough to tap me as a "red poster" which is sort of like being a Full Tilt red pro except that I don't get $35/hr and 100% rakeback. That would be cool, Joe Sebok. I'm just saying... pay me $35 a post on Poker Road and I'll light that shit on fire!

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