Sunday, September 28, 2008

Change100 Wins Run Good!

By Pauly

Sorry for the brief recap. My laptop died within hours of the completion of PokerListings' Run Good Challenge final event. I have to use either an internet cafe or someone's laptop until I can get a new one.

Six of us made it to the final with over $1,000 up for grabs for first place. Those lucky souls? Amy Calistri aka best boobs in poker, Michele Lewis aka the Poker Cougar, Change100 aka my girlfriend and the biggest pothead in poker not named Shaniac, Short-Stacked Shamus aka the quiet assassin, Dan Skolovy aka the dude who schooled us all, and of course, myself, the heavily flawed hero. Six of us battled it out for cash, glory, and bragging rights.

Dan from PL busted out first which was surprising since he dominated the field during the first three events.

I hit the rail in 5th place when I picked one helluva bad time to make a move against the Cougar. She raised my big blind and I re-raised with 7c-2c. She called. The flop was 10c-10h-5h. I shoved all in for the rest of my stack (which was about the same size of the pot). Cougar Lady called with A-10. The turn was an Ace and my goose was cooked. Out in 5th.

Shamus busted out in 4th, which left three ladies at the top.

Amy went out in third and Change100 was heads up with Michele Lewis. The pothead had the cougar outchipped almost 2-1 and it didn't take very long before Change100 emerged victorious and $1,235 richer. I'm glad she won because she could really use the cash and a confident boost. Plus she was a wild-card player and only gained an entry after she beat Spaceman heads up for the last seat.
The Final Event Money Winners:
1st Change100 - $1,235
2nd Michele Lewis - $802
3rd Amy Calistri - $494
4th Shamus - $247
5th Pauly -$185
6th Dan Skolovy - $123
Check out Matt's recap titled... Change100 Wins Run Good Grand Final.

Thanks again to Matt and Dan and the gang at Poker Listings for the honor of being among the dozen or so people who got tapped for the first challenge. Nice job, hombres. You're all aces in my book.

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