Sunday, September 21, 2008

BadBlood Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly... Pending Drug Test

By Pauly
New York City

BadBlood and I go back. way back. To the early days on Party Poker. About four years ago, we used to regularly play together on those wacky low limit NL tables where you'd buy in for $25 and sometimes walk away with $300. Those were some fun and hilarious times. And then most recently, BadBlood had tapped me to join him on special secret missions to strip clubs during the day otherwise known as The Procedure.

So when I found myself heads up for this week's edition of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, I thought that it was fitting that Bad Blood and I were battling it out for first place.

20 runners this week. The top 3 paid. I didn't promote this as much because I knew that I could not play. It was my birthday. Derek and I had tickets to the Yankees game. The next to last game ever at Yankee Stadium. The game started at 1:05 and it went quick. It was a 1-0 game. The Yanks won in the bottom of the ninth and the game ended before 4pm. We hopped on the subway and only missed about a half hour of the tournament.

Andynelson was the first player out. He took Gigli honors.

I didn't waste anytime picking up chips. I won lots of small pots and hit a ton of draws. I knocked out the Poker Shrink and built up a 5K stack. I was 2 out of 12 remaining.

AlCantHang bubbled off final table in 10th place. I was 3/9 with 4.7K. MrCrakypants was the chipleader.
The final table:
Seat 1: badblood44 (4023)
Seat 2: Bikom (1065)
Seat 3: Derek (1483)
Seat 4: bayne_s (2144)
Seat 5: AcerbicOne (3966)
Seat 6: MrCrakypants (5705)
Seat 7: ResdentEvil (5572)
Seat 8: DrPauly (4735)
Seat 9: boscodon (1307)
At one point, I snagged the chiplead with 6K. That did not last very long. Badblood took out Derek in 9th place, then BoscoDon jumped into first. But then the Last King of Scotland struck. The three-time Saturdays with Dr. Pauly Champion was looking for win #4. I vowed not to let that happen on my birthday. I wanted to win. Badly, yet spewed some chips to Bayne and slipped to 3k or 5/7.

I was third in chips when we reached the bubble. BadBlood has 13K to my 3K. Then I got kicked in the junk. I was third in chips and had about 900 more than ResdentEvil in 4th.

I had Kc-Ks-Js-2h and raised the pot to 1,050. ResdentEvil shoved for 2,333. I had him covered and called. ResdentEvil had Jh-Jc-6c-5s. The board ran out Ad-Qh-10c-3c-8c. Runner-runner flush. ResdentEvil sent me on tilt. I flopped the joint, but lost to a flush. I was still alive, albeit, barely.

I cracked Evil's A-A on the next hand with J-J when I flopped the case Jack. Then I doubled through Bayne on another bad beat.

Bayne bubbled out in 4th. His A-A got cracked by Bad Blood's flush.

Then it was my turn to bad beat Evil. My Js-Jd-7s-6h trailed his Qc-Qs-4d-2d. But I flushed him out... runner runner'd out of the tournament. The Last King of Scotland was dead in third place.

I was heads up, but behind.
Seat 1: badblood44 (20886)
Seat 8: DrPauly (9114)
At the second break, I slipped and trailed BadBlood 25.6K to 4.3K.

And on the first hand after break, I struck gold. I had Kh-Kc-10s-8h. I raised to 1,800 and BadBlood called. The flop was Jd-10d-10c. BadBlood checked. I bet 1,800. BadBlood min-raised me (which put me all in). I called. Blood had Kd-Qc-9d-8d for an open-ended straigthflush draw against my trips. Guess what? I dodged a ton of bullets and doubled up to almost 9k.

A couple of hands later, I doubled up again and jumped up to 12.4K when my Ah-9d-9c-5c beat out Blood's Kd-Qs-Jc-10h.

Sadly, just when I thought I was about to pull even in chips... I went out. I raised with Ks-10s-9h-7h. Blood called. The flop was Qh-Jh-6s. I had a ton of outs for a flush and straight. Blood checked to me and I bet the pot. He check-raised me all in. I said fuck it and called off the rest of my chips. Blood had Ac-Qs-5h-2h for top pair and a lower flush draw. I screamed for a heart or running spades. But no cards could help me. Blood won the hand and I was out in second place. BadBlood won his first ever Saturdays with Dr. Pauly and it only took him 17 hands to send me packing.
The Money Winners:
1. Badblood - $100
2. Pauly - $60
3. ResdentEvil - $40
Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. Congrats again to BadBlood.

We will be back next week and I will be playing the next two Saturdays with Dr. Pauly across the pond in merry olde England. I'm heading out to Amsterdam this week and will be in London for the WSOPE and EPT starting next Saturday. Looks like we'll have two London editions of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

See you there!

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