Saturday, September 13, 2008

dfense072 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Atlantic City, NJ

Great turnout this weekend. 37 runners. Top 5 won prize money.

Special guests included Chad Pukarama and Maigrey. Sorry, no Wil Wheaton sightings.

My starting table included... chenzilla, Friedman, CherriebombV, AlCantHang, GratefulLive, Chad Pukarama, Donegal, last week's champion ResdentEvil, and chompy_jr.

Boscodon was Gigli.

I went out soon after. Crazy hand. I flopped a boat with 9-9-x-x on a 9-3-3 board. I fucked up and slowplayed. The turn was a Jack and I got it all in against GratefulLive who has J-J-x-x. Boat over boat and I'm busto in 35th place

StB chipleader at the break with 5.5K and 22 players to go.

At one point, two of the biggest potheads I know were 1 and 2 in chips.

Dredful bubbled off the final table.

Resdent Evil went out in 9th.
The Final 8:
Seat 1: thejim2020 (14260)
Seat 2: princeharibo (11795)
Seat 4: AcerbicOne (3730)
Seat 5: dfense072 (4930)
Seat 6: Blue123 (3150)
Seat 7: 777GMoney (5620)
Seat 8: jkalib (9330)
Seat 9: AlCantHang (2685)
When the final table began, thejim2020 was the chipleader with 14.2K.

At the second break, thejim2020 still chipleader with 18K. 6 to go. The bubble... the bubble lasted forever. LJ started the final table second in chips and she ended up getting blinded out in 6th as the bubble girl. She went to see Lisa Lampanelli and had to leave the tournament.

Amy went out in fifth place. AcerbicOne was short stacked most of the final table and hun on to finish in 4th.

hen action was three-handed, thejim2020 had more chips than dfense072 and Gmoney commbined.

dfense072 won a big pot from thejim2020 to take the lead. And then thejim2020 busted in third place. dfense072 was heads up against GMoney with a big lead.

Seat 5: dfense072 (39950)
Seat 7: 777GMoney (15550)

GMoney fought back to pull within even, then got coolered... His Q-Q-x-x lost a major pot to dfense072's K-K-A-x. He went out on the very next hand. Heads up last just 18 hands before dfense072 won his first Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.
The Money Winners:
1. dfense072 - $148
2. GMoney - $88.80
3. thejim2020 - $59.20
4. AcerbicOne - $44.40
5. AmyCalistri - $29.60
Congrats again to dfense072. Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. See you next week!

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