Saturday, August 30, 2008

ValpoProf Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

We had a holiday weekend version of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Despite everyone grasping at the last breaths of summer, we had a decent turnout. Special guests this week included Bad Blood, Gracie, and Sweet Sweet Pablo.

There were a total of 32 runners this week. The top 5 paid out prize money.

BigHeeb sported a brand new (and weird) avatar... me. Creepy. He supposedly lost a prop bet because no one said anything in the first ten minutes. I really think everyone was sort of... afraid to say anything!
My starting table:
Seat 1: AlCantHang
Seat 2: DrPauly
Seat 3: MyLuckyGirls
Seat 4: CherriebombV
Seat 5: moink
Seat 7: salthill
Seat 8: thejim2020
Seat 9: QuanticFive
The action this week started out slow. Not a single player busted out in the first thirty minutes which I believe is a record.

Sadly, as soon as someone said something... lightning36 headed to the rail in 32th place when he lost set over set. He took Gigli honors even though wasn't even a shorty short stack either.

I busted out in 29th place. Boat over boat. That damn AlCantHang took me out. Again! I had Qc-Jh-9d-9s. AlCantHang raised and I called. The flop was 9-4-4. I slowplayed and just called a pot-sized bet from AlCantHang. The turn was an Ace. I actually mumbled, "Shit, I hope Al doesn't have Aces." He shoved and I called. He revealed A-A-x-x and I was shit out of luck. Out in 29th place.

QuanticFive bubbled off the final table in 10th place. LJ was the chipleader with nine to go.
Here's the final table:
Seat 1: dredful (1516)
Seat 2: ValpoProf (4460)
Seat 3: AlCantHang (4017)
Seat 4: thejim2020 (8895)
Seat 5: princeharibo (9161)
Seat 6: Alexe55 (6253)
Seat 7: sunno5103 (5242)
Seat 8: ccgobbler (1456)
Seat 9: RexCharger (7000)
Dredful was the bubble boy and busted out in 6th place.

I had a family dinner to attend to and I tried to stay to the very end. Alas, the tourney was running later than anticipated and I left with three players remaining... right after AlCantHang busted out in 4th place.

Luckily, ValpProf took stellar notes. Here's his recap of the final three...
ValpoProf busted AlCantHang when ValpoProf rivered an eight to make Eights full of Sixes versus Al's Kings and Sixes.

Three-handed play begins with TheJim2020 the chip leader with 19.8k, ValpoProf with 16.6k and RexCharger with 11.4k.

Three-handed play last for 19 hands before RexCharger busts. He moves all-in with QsQd4c7h and gets called by thejim2020's Js-10s-10c-7c. The flop is Kd-Qh-9s, giving RexCharger a set, but giving thejim2020 a flopped straight. thejim2020 makes broadway on the turn when the Ah comes, and RexCharger fails to boat up when the 5h falls on the river.

Play is almost dead even at the start of heads-up play as ValpoProf has 24,076 in chips and thejim2020 has 23,924. Heads-up play last three hands as both players split the first two hands with uncalled blinds.

On the third hand, ValpoProf raises to 6,000 from the small blind with Qs-Qh-9h-8h and thejim2020 calls. The flop is Kc-Qd-8c and thejim2020 leads out for 12,000. ValpoProf raises all-in and thejim2020 calls, showing Js-10d-9c-7h for a seven-card straight, but still needs some help from the board to make it work in Omaha. Heading into the turn, thejim2020 has 13 outs to hit an Ace, Ten, Jack or Nine. When the river comes 7s, his outs go up to 17 as any Six will give theJim2020 the pot. The 2d falls on the river and ValpoProf wins with three of a kind, Queens to thejim2020's pair of sevens.
Yikes! Heads up only lasted three hands as thejim2020 was eliminated in second place. Congrats on ValpoProf for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, and more importantly, thanks for the recap.
Week 31 Money Winners:
1. ValpoProf - $128
2. thejim2020 - $76.80
3. Rex Charger - $ 51.20
4. AlCantHang - $38.40
5. sunno5103 - $25.60
Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. Hope to see everyone next weekend. Congrats again to ValpoProf.

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