Saturday, August 16, 2008

GoIrish89 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly and a Ticket to the Sunday Million

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Congrats to GoIrish89 for winning this week's edition of Saturday with Dr. Pauly. GoIrish89 also picked up a special bonus... a $215 ticket to the Sunday Million on PokerStars. Nice work, bro.

Record setting week with 68 runners. The top 9 paid out. Special guests included Oliver Tse, AlCantHang and MrMojo.

My starting table included: cracknaces, swoopgalena, oceannlv, Family Ice, PokerShrink, daveko69, ArticAction, and TJ PackMan.

Pojo was Gigli and went out on the first hand. I missed it.

I spewed some chips early and slipped to under 1K. Chipped back to get to the starting stack. I was middle of the pack. 27 out of 56.

At the first break, 36 players remained. Lightning36 was the chipelader with 6.6K and held a slight edge over Irish94. I had 2.2K and was 21/36.

I flopped a couple of sets and jumped to 14/34 with a 3.2K stack. With 27 to go, my table broke. My new table included... lightning36, Poker Shrink, linkocracy, L0K1, OneEyedKeith, potnets, MrMojo, and WinterMag. I was third in chips at my new table.

K-K-x-x held up and I almost had 5K and 10th in chips with 25 to go. I got as high as 6/22 and took over the chiplead at my table. Increased my stack to 5.2K when K-K doubled suited held up. I was 6/18 with two tables to go.

I won a couple of small pots before I took a big hit J-J-5-5 lost to holdin-ragz K-Q-J-10 with three diamonds. Slipped to 15/16 and 3.3K.

At the second break, I was at the bottom of the heap. 14th with 15 remaining and a meager stack of 3.1K. I needed help. The chipleader was TLeo96 with almost 13K.

First hand after break... doubled up on an ugly suck out. I made a move and didn't even look at my cards when I potted. I had Ah-Qs-7h-3c. Family Ice came over the top. I was committed and called. Ice had As-Ac-10d-6d. I rivered a Broadway straight to win the pot and crack Aces. I was up to 6.5K and out of danger for the moment.

Picked up a couple of pots and moved up to 8.6K, just below average. I was 6/12 as the final table and money bubble loomed.

I lost some chips when I flopped a straight against GMoney. Alas, he rivered a flush. I slipped to 8/11, while LorraineLove moved into the chiplead.

I went out on the bubble. 10th place. I got it all in with Ks-Kh-6h-3h against As-Qs-Qd-4d. AlCantHang turned a flush draw but he rivered a set of Queens to bust me. Out in 10th. Call me bubble boy.

When the final table was set, everyone had made the money and lightning36 was the chipleader with 21.7K.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: jkalib (13935)
Seat 2: lightning36 (21779)
Seat 3: 777GMoney (2462)
Seat 4: GoIrish89 (6970)
Seat 5: AlCantHang (13771)
Seat 6: linkocracy (6590)
Seat 7: LorraineLove (18160)
Seat 8: HermWarfare (13057)
Seat 9: holdin-ragz! (5276)
GoIrish busted linkocracy in ninth place. Derek took over the chiplead and increased his stack to 23K when he knocked out holdin-ragz! and LorraineLove on the same hand. Derek rivered a Broadway straight to drag the monsterpotten.

With six to go, Derek and GoIrish had the big stacks. GoIrish won the biggest hand of the final table (at the time) when he got involved with a pushfest with jkalib. They got it all in preflop. jkalib's A-A did not hold up against GoIrish's Kings. GoIrish picked up a flush to win the pot. Last week's runner up, jkalib, went out in 6th place. GoIrish took over the lead. His stack was 40K with five to go, twice as many as Derek in second place.

GoIrish took AlCantHang out in 5th place... flush over flush. GoIrish rushed past 55K, while lightning36 clung to a shot stack under 7K. Then GoIrish's stack came under assault. lightning36 doubled through GoIrishand then he doubled up Derek's Aces. GoIrish still held the lead, but he was down to 36K with Derek not far behind with 30K. lightning36 surged into the chiplead and inside a level went from the shortstack to the leader.

GMoney was short and busted out in 4th. He was short for most of the last two tables but hung on to finish in 4th. GoIrish was back on top with 3 to go.

At the third break, lightning36 was ahead with almost 42K. GoIrish trailed by only 5K while Derek was the shortstack with 22.4K. GoIrish took the lead right after the break. With three to go and blinds going up, chips were flying and lots of action.

Derek seized the lead with quads. His Qs-Qh-8h-8d outflopped GoIrish's As-Kh-Js-10h. They were all in on the turn with the board showing 8c-8s-2s-6h. GoIrish was drawing dead and Derek took over the chiplead with a 50K stack. GoIrish slipped to the shortstack.

lightning36 went out in third. He was all in preflop with Jd-Jh-10c-9d versus GoIrish's As-Qh-Qd-8d. lightning36 couldn't improve and he went out in third.

When it got heads up, GoIrish held a slight lead over Derek.
Seat 4: GoIrish89 (52644)
Seat 8: Derek (49356)
It took only three hands to decide a champion. GoIrish won the first two hands and increased his lead by 17K. Both players limped in pre-flop. The flop was 7d-5h-2d. Derek fired out 4,000. GoIrish raised to 18K. Derek shoved for his entire 41.8K stack. GoIrish had him covered and called.
Derek: Kh-Kc-8c-2c
GoIrish89: Ah-9s-7s-5c
GoIrish flopped two pair and was ahead. He turned a boat and Derek's hand could not improve. Derek finished in second place, while GoIrish won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

In the last four weeks, Derek has two runner-up finishes and one win. Talk about a hot streak.
Week 29 Money Winners:
1. GoIrish89 - $204 + Sunday Million ticket
2. HermWarfare (Derek) - $136
3. lightning36 - $81.60
4. GMoney - $68
5. AlCantHang - $54.40
6. jkalib - $44.20
7. LorraineLove - $37.20
8. holdin-ragz! - $30.60
9. linkocracy - $23.80
Congrats again to GoIrish89. He also won a special bonus... a $215 ticket to the Sunday Million. He said that he'll be live blogging it over at his site Tilting at Windmills, so check it out.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and pimped the event.

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