Sunday, August 03, 2008

Derek Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly... Again!

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Wow, my brother has been on a tear in my weekly tournaments. He won it for the second time in six weeks and avenged his blown chiplead and runner-up finish from last Saturday. Impressive rebound.

Lovely turnout this weekend. 42 runners. Largest field since Week 3.

Top 5 paid. Prize pool was.... $420! Special guests included the Poker Shrink and Drew, the goalie from UNLV's hockey team.

My starting table included cantseefade, CheckRaise70, splaat, Family Ice, phunky1433, and bigjer98.

Linkocracy was Gigli.

I finished in 40th place when I busted out on the 8th hand. Set over set. CheckRaise70 busted me. Got it all in on the flop. Set of Queens dominated my set of nines. I couldn't suck out the case nine and was busto.

Drew got knocked out by his mother in 23rd place. And then his mom made fun of him and called him a fish. Oh, snap!

At the first break. there were 20 out of 42 players remaining. OneEyedKeith was the chipleader with 9K.

AndyNelson bubbled off the final table. OneEyedKeith held the chiplead with nine to go.
Final Table:
Seat 1: AgSweep (6300)
Seat 2: OneEyedKeith (17669)
Seat 3: bigjer98 (2555)
Seat 4: HermWarfare (9131)
Seat 5: CheckRaise70 (2885)
Seat 6: ZClub (5210)
Seat 7: _PJB_ (1908)
Seat 8: GapBand85 (3399)
Seat 9: sloshr (13943)
CheckRaise70 and GapBand85 went out on the first and second hands of the final table. bigjer98 went out in 7th and _PJB_ bubbled out in 6th place.

Once it got down to five players, OneEyedKeith had the lead. OneEyedKeith and Derek were the only players left who were seeking their second title. OneEyedKeith had almost 50% of the chips in play. Derek and Sloshr held mid-rangestacks while the PokerShrink and AGSweep were both shorties.

After a rigorous five-handed battle, the small stacks hung tough until AgSweep was the first player to go out. With four to go OneEyedKeith was still ahead with 28K, but lost some of his lead when he doubled up sloshr. Poker Shrink was another one of OneEyedKeith's victims and headed to the rail in 4th place.

By the second break, OneEyedKeith had a mountain of chips with over 45K. Derek and sloshr combined for the remaining 17K.

Derek struck early after the break. He flushed out sloshr to jump up to 24K, as sloshr slipped to the shortstack. Sloshr doubled up and then picked up another pot to pulled even with Derek at 13K, while Keith was sitting on 35K.

Massive hand. Threee-ways. When it started, OneEyedKeith had almost 30K in chips. Derek and Sloshr had equal stacks around 16K. Derek opened with a 1,200 button raise and both players called. The flop was 9h-7h-5c. Sloshr checked. OneEyedKeith bet 1,200. Derek raised to 7,200. Sloshr moved all in for almost 15.6K. OneEyedKeith raised to 24K. Derek called his last 8.2K.
sloshr: Ac-8h-6d-3s
OneEyedKeith: Kc-Jh-8s-6s
Derek: Ad-10h-7s-7d
Sloshr and OneEyedKeith both flopped a straight against Derek's set. The turn was the Qh, but the 5d spiked on the river to give Derek a full house. He won the pot, took the chip lead, and crippled sloshr in the process. Derek jumped up to 50K in chips.

On the 32nd hand of three-handed action, sloshr busted out in third place.

Heads up. Derek vs. OneEyedKeith. Two former champions. One was going to join the elite group of multiple winners.
Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: OneEyedKeith (11022)
Seat 4: Derek (51978)
Derek had almost a five to one lead over OneEyedKeith. Early into their battle, OneEyedKeith doubled up, but Derek was still ahead 2-1.

On the final hand, Derek was ahead 44.7K to 18.2K in chips. Blinds were 400/800. OneEyedKeith limped from the small blind. Derek min-raised to 1,600 and OneEyedKeith called. The flop was Kc-Qh-3s. Derek bet 2,400. OneEyedKeith potted to 10,400. Derek re-potted to 34,400. OneEyedKeith called all in for his las 6,244.
Derek: As-Ad-4c-3d
OneEyedKeith: Kd-10s-7c-3c
Derek was ahead with his Aces. The turn was the Qd and the river was the 8h. Derek's Aces held up and he won the pot. OneEyedKeith was eliminated in second place, as Derek won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

Derek was the runner-up last week and blew a huge lead. Once he got the lead this week, late into the final table, he held onto it for the win. He's been on a nice rush with three cashes and two overall wins in the last six weeks. Derek joins the group of repeat champions that include Grouse14, Sydney 8, CSauve, and Resdent Evil (who is the only one to win it back-to-back).
Week 27 Money Winners:
1. Hermwarfare (Derek) - $168
2. OneEyedKeith - $100.80
3. Sloshr - $67.20
4. ZClub (Poker Shrink) - $50.40
5. AgSweep - $33.60
Congrats again to my brother, Derek, for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. See you next week!

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