Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Quickies: Free Books, Radio Free Pauly, and Tao of Pokerati... the Video

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Do you like to read non-poker books? I'm giving away six free books on a variety of subjects and some include your favorite authors. Visit Tao of Pauly for more details.

Listen to my appearance on Lou Krieger's radio show Keep Flopping Aces. 8-14-08 show has been archived and the podcast is available for download. It's a little over an hour. Lou and I spoke about a myriad of topics including the Olympics and a brief discussion on the history of Tao of Poker. Check it out. And thanks again to Lou for the invite.

And here's a Tao of Pokerati video!

I created a video to accompany one of my favorite clips from this summer where Benjo tells the story about Bellagio hookers getting paid off in tournament chips. Hysterical. Enjoy!

And stay tuned for a new episode of Tao of Pokerati. Soon come...

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