Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2+2: Random Cameos and Sticky Posts

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Thanks to Mary for tipping me off to this thread... Re: If They Never Played Poker... where I make a random cameo. Bill Chen as Mao made me almost pee my pants.

Law enforcement? Nah, most likely tending bar at some hipster joint in Manhattan.

Oh and if you're too lazy to sort through the thread, here's a video of the best of If They Never Played Poker...

Also, I got an anonymous email from someone a week or so ago with the subject line... Mason discourages strategy discussion on twoplustwo / with evidence.

I have been given permission to re-print the email...
The following was posted today on two plus two but obviously it was quickly deleted.

Before it was deleted it was confirmed by other moderators as well as external evidence.

Apparently, Mason Malmuth made a post in the mod forum encouraging the moderators to make strategy discussion harder to find and harder to come by. His fear is that the posters on the forum know more than his authors and write better than his authors therefore the strategy discussion on the site could hurt his book sales.

Additionally, he apparently intimidated and coerced Ed Miller into taking free strategy content off of his own website because he believes that it would hurt book sales.

Mason Malmuth -- actively going out of his way to sabatoge the quality of his own forum. Does that reall(y) surprise anyone?

Mason's Post... here.

Ed's response...here.
Man, I really feel bad for Ed Miller.

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