Sunday, April 29, 2007

AlCantHang's Bracelet Race, French Pai Gow, and Tilting Locals

By Pauly

Tonight, AlCantHang is hosting a WSOP bracelet race for bloggers only. See below for the details.

Sadly, I have a function to attend and will not be playing in the tournament tonight. I signed up and will be donating to the worthy cause.

I rarely get to play in blogger tournaments any more due to a hectic work schedule, or I'm on the road traveling, or real life gets in the way. I really wish I had more time to play these things and when I do end up playing, it's in an airport terminal somewhere or in a hotel room or I'm busy multi-tasking and working on a deadline.

Best of luck to everyone tonight.

* * * * *

In the first seven days I was in Vegas, I played poker for an hour and that was the WPT media tournament at Bellagio. The only other gambling I've done was a couple of losing bets at the sportsbook. I'm stuck a little under 2K betting on the NBA. Thank God for Utah last night, otherwise it would have been worse.

Meanwhile, Change100 had been on a tear. She final tabled one tournament at Planet Ho, chopped the media event, and schooled the locals at the Mirage. We finally had a chance to gamble on Saturday. We went to Paris for brunch with Benjo and he wanted to learn how to play Pai Gow. We taught him at Bally's and he picked up the game quick. I won a few bucks but we donked it off at the craps table. No TJ Cloutier sightings.

We went to dinner at Green Valley Ranch last night and met up with the Poker Prof and Flipchip for sushi. After dinner, we headed to the poker room where I bumped into Mike from PokerPages and Charlie Shoten.

I signed up for 10-20 Limit but the list was never called. I donked around at 4-8 with a half kill and ended up tilting my table by playing hands like 6-2s, 8-6s, and 7-4o. I scooped a monster pot when I cracked some guy's K-K. He looked like Borat and said very bad things about women and their place in poker... according to him, they shouldn't be playing.

"If you lose to a woman," he said, "you should leave and quit playing poker."

It was great to crack his Kings. He raised preflop and I called. The flop was J-7-3 and he bet out. I raised and got the guy next to me to fold. Borat three-bet and I four-bet. The turn was another 7. He bet, I raised, and he called. The river was a blank and he check-called me. I flipped over 7-4o and the dealer almost fell out of his chair. The guy next to me mucked A-7 after my raise on the flop. Borat looked like he wanted to punch me then shook my hand. My response? "High five!"

My tilty table broke and I was moved to Change100's table. She was on slight tilt courtesy of a Vietnam veteran who was playing looser than a tranny hooker from Ho Chi Minh City. Her table was not as fun as mine and I lost a monsterpotten in a kill pot. I saw a flop in a seven way pot with 9s-7s. I flopped an opened ended straight draw, check-raised the flop of K-10-8, turned the straight when the 6 fell and kept jamming until the river when a Jack spiked. I bet out and a woman who reminded me of Joy Behar from The View raised me on the river.

"I can't believe you were chasing a gutshot with A-Q," I said as I called her raise.

She showed A-Q and I said, "Nice catch, twat."

I cashed out and got a shake at Fat Burger instead of playing any more with menopausal women and Vietnam vets.

When we got back to the Strip, I couldn't sleep so I fired up PokerStars and played 15-30 Limit for an hour. I won a small profit and cashed out. I was sweating a 500/1000 NL full ring game on Full Tilt that featured Ozzy87, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, Tony G, and Malaysian billionare Michael Sampoerna... who I met in Australia.

I have Sunday off before I have to cover the WSOP Circuit Event at Caesar's from Monday through Wednesday for PokerNews. That will be the last tournament I cover until the WSOP. I can't wait to take four weeks off from poker and rest up before the WSOP begins on June 1.

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