Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday: Back to Work, WPBT Summer Classic, and Folding into the Money

By Pauly

After seven straight days of covering the WPT Championship, I had two days off (alas, I still had to meet deadlines over the weekend so it was a total reprive). Now that it's Monday, I'm back to work covering the WSOP Circuit event at Caseser's Palace for Poker News. Once again Shecky assembled our all-star reporting team of the Poker Shrink, Amy Calistri, Change100, Shronk, Tiffany, Leanne, BJ, ad myself. Head over to Poker News and check out our live updates starting at Noon local time. There will also be plenty of photos and videos. The WSOP Circuit event will be the fifth poker tournament (in four different cities; Melbourne, LA, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas) that I have covered for Poker News.

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Congrats to brdweb for winning AlCantHang's blogger bracelet race. I could not play and donated to the worthy cause. I posted and folded into 22nd place. Any of you who finished after me should be embarassed that you placed behind a dead stack! AlCantHang is hosting another one soon that will be open to both readers and bloggers. Stay tuned for more details.

And stop by Falstaff's blog to get more info on the blogger gathering this summer in Las Vegas. Since it's smack in the middle of the WSOP, my participation will be limited. Schedule permitting, I'll do my best to join in the festivities.

Also stop by Sloshr's blog for details on the blogger tournament at the Orleans. Both Falstaff and Sloshr are working hard to make sure you have a great trip, so when you get a chance, thank them for their work. Organizing any event over 50 people is a pain in the ass and they're doing an amazing job. Thanks guys.

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Shecky wondered if my gambling loses in Las Vegas had eclipsed my paycheck from PokerNews for the WPT Championships and WSOP Circuit at Caeser's. It's getting close. With expenses like travel, rooms, and food... plus the loses at the sports book, craps tables, and poker... I'm close to breaking even!

Last night, the Suns covered which helped ease the pain. I'm only stuck about 1.7K betting on sports this trip. I seem to win all my baby bets and can't win a big bet to save my life.

And I'm making good decisions at the poker table, although I've posted two losing sessions in consecutive days at Green Valley and at Red Rock.

Change100 and I played up at Red Rock and she continues to run well. I played 8/16 Limit with a half kill to 12/24. I was the third youngest player at the table that featured plenty of local rocks. I quickly labeled the one of the younger guys a sausage jockey/calling station in my mental notes. He'd say, "Nice catch!!" to everyone if they beat him in a pot.

He also pissed through three buy-ins while I was there after I tilted him. Everyone folded to him on the button and he raised my big blind. I defended with 10-6o. The flop was J-10-3 and I check raised him. I knew he had nothing but he called anyway. I fired out at the turn when a King fell. He folded and said, "Nice catch."

I flipped over my hand and said, "I defend my blinds so you better have good cards or the balls to call me to the river, sausage boy."

I missed almost every big draw that I had and did not flop any sets even though I got a barrage of small and medium pairs. The biggest pot that I won was with Jd-7d. Before the cards were dealt, I decided to make a move regardless of my hand. I had not played any post in two orbits and I was in late position. There was a limper in front of me and I raised. Four players in the pot and I flopped a flush draw and bottom pair. I turned a gutshot and made my flush on the river. I beat a guy who rivered a set and another who rivered a straight. That was the biggest pot I won that session.

The largest pot I lost in the session was with A-K in a kill pot. There must have been close 150 in the pot preflop and I flopped a King. I jammed the pot on the flop and on the turn. Even though an Ace fell on the river, my hand was no good as a clubs flush filled in on the last card. I made a crying call with two pair knowing I was beat to a flush.

I've been in Las Vegas for ten days and I'm stuck about $400 playing live poker. I've posted a profit for the same amount hitting and running at 15/30 on PokerStars and 8/16 on Full Tilt from the comforts of my hotel room at the Castle. Ironic, don't you think? Like rain on your wedding day...

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