Friday, November 10, 2006

Umm, I'm Not Dead... Yet
"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain
Alas, the Tao of Poker is still here (for the moment). I can't even have one good old fashioned bender overseas without the blogging world freaking out about the Tao of Poker's 24 hour vanishing act. Here are the rumors that I heard in the last few hours...
1. Pauly sold the Tao of Poker for $100,000 to Tony G.
2. Pauly was detained at Newark Airport by Homeland Security and they erased his blog.
3. Pauly is shilling for Absolute Poker.
4. Tao of Poker was hacked by a 15 year old Swedish kid and Pauly flew to Stockholm with Derek and The Rooster to "take care of business."
5. Pauly got sick of writing about poker and finally pulled the plug.
Of course, none of the above statements are true (with the exception of the first part of #5). Just rumors set forth by bored bloggers. I'm flattered that all my friends, fellow bloggers, and readers were concerned about the twenty-four hour disappearance of the Tao of Poker from cyberspace.

Even the horndogs at Wicked Chops Poker devoted two posts to this latest drama. Two posts in one day and I don't even have a nice rack like Haley Keezel! That's why "I love Wicked Chops Poker."

And for the record, I'm not shilling for Absolute. They're currently on my shitlist after ignorning my emails and protecting the person(s) responsible for the outage. However, I'm still shilling BoDog, Full Tilt, and Poker Stars. Feel free to download any of their software.

Editor's Mote:Thanks to the folks at Blogger for helping me out to restore my blog to the original settings. After emailing them 24 hours ago, Absolute Poker has not contacted me yet and has not answered any of my emails. Also, they have not issued a formal apology or explanation. Also, tthey are still allowing their affiliate who hijacked my site to conduct business.

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