Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Message of Thanks

Since I have a free moment, I'd like to take this time to reflect on the past year and say a collective "Thanks" to everyone involved with the Tao of Poker. I wrote something last year that perfectly sums up how I am feeling today so I'm gonna recycle it:
Sometimes the hardest things to say are the most simple. Thank you everyone... for everything.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in the community... bloggers and readers alike. This has been a sensational year for me and a lot of my success has been inspired, spurred on, and fueled by you. Whether you are a client, friend, a reader, or a blogger... please note that this amazing run could never have been possible without your support.

I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with so many of you. I have met some amazing people this year. I do not have the time to personally mention and thank everyone, but you guys and girls know who you are.

I am sincerely inspired by everyone who has been a part of my life prior to this year along with everyone new that I got to meet along the way. I've developed plenty of new friendships this year and strengthened old ones. When I look back at what's happened to me this past year, I do not look at the huge leap in my career, or the money, or the accolades. What makes 2005 2006 special has been the people in my life that I am fortunate to call my friends.

An excellent testament to a person's character is to examine the circle of people they consider their friends. I look around and I am blessed that I stand in the middle a gigantic circle of greatness. I'm where I'm at today because of my friends. I'm the luckiest person I know.
I'd also like to thank my brother Derek, Poker Prof and Flipchip at, Paradise Poker, and BoDog for their support over the past year and making it possible for me to do what I do. I also have to thank everyone at Poker Stars, especially Otis for hiring me at the 2006 WSOP.
Thanks to my Top 10 Referrals of 2006:
1. Las Vegas & Poker Blog (Poker Prof & Flipchip)
2. Wicked Chops Poker
3. Guinness and Poker
4. Aaron Gleeman
5. Tao of Pauly
6. Chris Fargis
7. AlCantHang
8. Up for Poker
9. Pokerati
10. Pot Committed
Thanks again. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and if you are not American, have a great Thursday.

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