Monday, November 06, 2006

Chinese Poker at Pink Floyd's

Holland is a progressive country that decriminalized soft drugs like marijuana and hash and also legalized prostitution. Plus their government would never dare to tell their citizens that they could not play online poker. The government stays out of people's lives in Holland. Perhaps I should set up residence here?

I walked into the Pink Floyd Coffee Shop on Haarlemmerstraat Street in Amsterdam last night. I purchased the highly recommended "Mother's Finest" for 10 euros a gram when Change100 noticed a strain called "Hot Tits."

"I named that after my wife," the Dutch grower behind the counter said as he took out a huge knife and cut off a chunk of hashish for a German guy in front of us. "She hated that name. She's now my ex-wife. But my brothers-in-law still come in about once a week and laugh whenever they see it."

We sat down at a table in the back on the coffeeshop while the stereo blasted music that was not Pink Floyd. I heard The Killers hit Mr. Brightside before a block of Lenny Kravtiz songs came on. That's when Change100 and I began a series of heads up Chinese Poker matches. We were playing 10 euros a point and would keep a running tally for the remainder of the week. We played with used Paris Casino pit cards that I bought for $1 in Las Vegas.

After the first round of action, I opened up a 15 point lead over everyone's favorite Hollyweird blonde and tilted her so badly that we had to stop playing especially after this hand:
Pauly:Q-Q-Q-8-8; 2-2-2-T-T; K-9-7
Change100: Jd-9d-8d-6d-3d; A-2-3-4-5; K-8-5
It was losing the three card hand that put her over the edge after she got outkicked K-9 to K-8.

* * * * *

I forgot that I had a reload bonus to clear over at Full Tilt and fired it up at Newark Airport while I sat at my gate waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam. When I finally got into the hotel room at the Victoria Hotel, I tested out the wifi and ended up doing a hit and run session at the 5/10 tables.

Here's proof that the Partyfish have tainted the player pool at Full Tilt. I had K-K in the LB. Guy in EP raised, the Button called, and I three bet. Player in EP four bet the action to cap it. Button and I both called. Normally I'd put the raiser on AA, KK, QQ, or AK, but that time I was skeptical. The flop was 10-7-7. I checked to the raiser, who opened up the betting. The Button folded and I check-raised. He called. The turn was another 10. I bet out and my opponent called. The river was a 4. I bet and he called... with A-Q.

Way to four bet with A-Q in a three-way pot and then call me down all the way to the river with.... just ace high. Yes, that player was properly tagged as the Tao of Poker's Poissons du Jour or "Vissen van de Dag" as the locals say here in Holland.

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