Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Game Bubble Boy

I bubbled out of the money in 5th place in Miami Don's Sunday night Blogger Big Game on Full Tilt. And yes, I'd rather be the urinal at McSorley's on S. Patty's day than be the Bubble Boy in any tounament.

If you ddn't know, a scene from the movie Rounders was shot at McSorley's on 7th Street in the East Village.

Anyway, I had the gracious opportunity to be seated at the same table as the always entertaining Sir Waffle, who was talking... more so than usual. Playing with Waffles was the highlight of my day. I think he must have snorted an entire gram of crystal meth then drank an entire gallon of Expresso before he sat down to play.

I dropped the Hammer 33 minutes into the tournament and still did not get any action for some of my big pairs. On the verge of elimination, I moved all in with a short stack against Miami Don. His A-Q lost a race to my 9-9. I even flopped a set to rub it in.

That's the second big hand Miami Don and I had battled over involving A-Q the last few days. And it would not be the last.

I was 7/9 in chips when the final table began and got hands when I needed them to hang on for a while. I was seated next to my brother, who dropped even the Hammer at the final table. Derek made a big laydown after he raised about 3x the BB and I moved all-in over the top. I had K-K. I'm glad he didn't call me with an A-x hand because I had a bad feeling that an Ace was gonna hit the flop.

I got into trouble with A-Q again. I raised in MP with A-Q and Miami Don pushed all-in. At worst I put him on A-K and at best a big pair. I mucked and lost about 1/3 of my stack.

Derek and Iggy busted on consecutive hands and all of a sudden we were short-handed and I was short-stacked. I moved all-in with A-3 in the LB and lost to Budohorseman's K-10 when he rivered a bigger four flush. Out in 5th. Since they made a save for 4th place, I was the Bubble Boy.

Max had all the chips from the start of the final table and Miami Don made a nice comeback. With three players left, Don was third in chips with 10K trailing Budo and Max who had about 20K each.

Don and Max were about even when they began heads up play and ended up chopping. On the final hand, Don flopped middle pair with Q-7 but Max rivered an Ace to come from behind and win it all.

Congrats to Max and Miami Don. And Thanks to Miami Don for hosting.

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