Sunday, October 15, 2006

October Truckin, Derek Day, and Other Random Pimpage

Don't forget that the Tao of Poker Spice Girls Essay Contest ends tonight at Midnight! Thanks to everyone who has a sense of humor and participated.

I read about this charity tournament on Kat's blog. She even made a cool banner. I've signed up and will do my best to make the tournament.

Biggestron is also hosting WPBT Swollen Genitalia Night over at Full Tilt at the same time.
Title: WPBT#10: R is for Razz
Format: Razz
When: Sunday, Oct. 15th at 9PM EST
Where: Full Tilt
Buy-in: $20 + 2
Password: wpbt72
(Download Full Tilt Poker here)

In the Sunday Required Reading Section...

Flipchip wrote a good piece called Cory Lidle Was a Friend of Poker.

A couple of days ago, Change100 posted an interesting article about Harrah's not taking 3rd party buy-ins at the 2007 WSOP. Which means a shitload of coin that they'll make off of their satellites.

Check out CC's interview with Charlie Hyde. Who is Charlie Hyde? Go find out for yourself.

And how about Pokerati expanding into restaurant reviews? Michalski must be hurting for material over there. Surrounding yourself with naked strippers can suck the life out of you. I kid, I kid. It's a great review and I love the fact that he graded atmosphere as A-J suited.

I wrote a review of Trey Anastasio's concert at Webster Hall in NYC over at my music blog. Take a peek.

I have to share with you one of my favorite all-time You Tube videos (and all-time episodes of Facts of Life) called... Tootie's Bong. My favorite line is... "We're a three bong family."

* * * * *

I've made two deadlines in a row! That's remarkable considering how busy I've been. This epic October issue of Truckin' features five returning authors including C. Anderson Guthrie with his first story for 2006. The always talented Joe Speaker shares a touching tale as Doog weaves Part II of his Roots series. Sean A. Donahue is also back and I wrote up a few random subway stories that I encountered during my first few weeks back in the big city.
Truckin' - October 2006, Vol. 6, Issue 10

1. October Subway Stories by Paul McGuire
A hunched-over bum slowly navigated his way through the crowded car and sat down in an empty seat next to me. He carried a big black bulky garbage bag which happened to be the standard issue for every homeless person in the city along with the same pair of sneakers four sizes too big and a ratty grey winter coat... More

2. Roots - Part II by Doog
To soothe the ache deep in his soul, Leo G took solace in the welcoming arms of lovely young nubile chickadees, sometimes several sets of arms at the same time. After all, when you’ve got dashing good looks, a mercury-silver tongue, and the willingness to use the above in a less-than-moral manner, why not?... More

3. Gummy by C. Anderson Guthrie
This woman wasn't the kind of woman you bring home to momma, oh no -- she was the kind of woman that takes out her teeth before giving an alleyway blowjob. You know, the considerate type... More

4. Total Recall by Joe Speaker
I was grilling another young co-ed, flirtatious pressure amidst the stench of spilled beer and rampaging testosterone. The scene was cliched, she said, and she marked me down as a typical frat boy, interested only in getting drunk and getting naked... More

5. Until I Am No Longer Needed by Sean A. Donahue
My back felt the brunt of the pain and as the dust settled I examined my predicament. I was ten feet down in a hole of an ancient volcano with my right arm broken and my left leg shattered... More

If you like these stories, then add Truckin' to your blogroll and tell your friends about your favorite stories. It takes just a few seconds to pass along the URL and we certainly appreciate your support. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you know anyone who is interested in being added to the mailing list. And of course, thanks to all the writers for sharing their work this month.

* * * * *

Lastly, today is my brother's birthday. Happy birthday, Derek.

His birthday got off to a rough start when Lee Watkison felted him twice last night at the NL tables on Full Tilt. But at least he got a birthday email from Liz Lieu!

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