Tuesday, October 03, 2006

94,506 and the Return of Liz Lieu Tuesdays

In politics there's a saying... "The one thing that could ruin your political career is being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

Enter Mark Foley, a former member of Congress who likes little boys. He's now in rehab trying to fix his affliction. Here's the scary thing about Mark Foley's penchant for little boys... several high ranking members of Congress knew about it (including our favorite Frist-fucker) and kept their mouths shut.

Maybe we can sneak a dead girl, a live boy, or a horse's head into Bill Frist's bed?

Our current President is a former cokehead turned Jesus Freak. Our previous President married a lesbian who willingly allowed him to bang chubby interns in the White House. And some friggin' foreigner is winning the Pauly's Pub football pool!

Rapture is imminent. I'm waiting for frogs to start falling out of the sky while an Aimee Mann tune slowly plays in the background.

Repent now and let the donkfest begin...

I played on Party Poker last night and the site bustled with fish, donkeys, sharks, and inbred dipshits who had no idea of the recent legislation that threatened to eliminate hard-working Americans' hobbies, social outlets, sources of income, and late-night addictions.

When I signed on, there were over 95,000 players on Party. And some of the players were acting like it was the last day on Earth as they played looser than ever. Some folks had the fatalistic mentality of... "I only have $200 left in my Party Poker... might as well donk it off chasing Jack high flushes on a paired board."

It was refreshing to see everyone playing last night, sort of a collective "Fuck you!" to Bill Frist. Even Change100, who was higher than Robert Downey, Jr. before brunch, took 3rd in a MTT on Full Tilt.

* * * * *

And if yesterday was considered Black Monday, then this marks the return of Liz Lieu Tuesdays.

That's one of my favorite pics of Liz playing heads up against Kevin Garnett in Trent Tucker's charity poker tournament last month.

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Yep, it's time for the MLB playoffs and my hometown Yankees take on the Detroit Tigers tonight as "The Lonely Yankee" will be batting 6th in between Jason Giambi and Hideki Matsui.

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