Thursday, October 26, 2006

AlCantHang & Pauly's Blogger Quiz and the WPBT Holiday Classic III

First of all, if you are a poker blogger interested in attending the next WPBT gathering or the WPBT Holiday Classic III in Las Vegas scheduled for December, then stop by April's blog for more details.

Now kids, it's time to test your vast knowledge of your fellow bloggers. AlCantHang and I compiled an extensive 57 question multiple choice quiz for readers and bloggers. First place gets a lifetime supply of dial-a-shots from AlCantHang and I will buy you into an online blogger tournament of your choice. Email me or blog your answers by Monday. Please include the letter and actual answer in your responses. We'll announce a winner on November 1st and if you're nice to us, we'll actually reveal the answers!
The First Annual AlCantHang & Pauly Blogger Quiz:

1. Which blogger was born in Alaska?
a. Derek
b. AlCantHang
c. Daddy
d. SirWaffle

2. Who hired three illegal Mexicans to renovate his house for $3,000?
a. G-Rob
b. DonkeyPuncher
c. Mookie
d. Mean Gene

3. Who was the first blogger to get a WSOP press pass?
a. Otis
b. Pauly
c. Flipchip
d. Felicia

4. Who is NOT a lawyer...
a. Big Pirate
b. F Train
c. Poker Wolf
d. Dawn from I Had Outs

5. Which blogger appeared in a commercial for Nickelodeon?
a. Change100
b. Shane Nickerson
c. BoyGenius
d. Chilly

6. Which blogger met his wife in a gay bar in Idaho?
a. DonkeyPuncher
b. Human Head
c. Drizz
d. Bad Blood

7. Before he moved to Las Vegas, Grubby lived in DC. What did he do?
a. He worked as an analyst for the CIA.
b. He was a playwright.
c. He wrote for the Washington Post.
d. He taught gym at a all-girls Catholic school.

8. Who gave Dr. Pauly his "blogger" doctorate?
a. The Poker Penguin
b. The FatGuy
c. Mr. Decker
d. Lord Geznikor

9. Which blogger announced his intentions on running for President in 2004?
a. Mean Gene
b. Chris Halverson
c. ScurvyDog
d. G-Rob

10. Who is NOT Canadian?
a. Iakaris
b. Biggestron
c. Dr. Chako
d. Fuel55

11. Which blogger's band once performed at the Whiskey in LA?
a. Whiskeytown
b. Bad Blood
c. AlCantHang
d. Joe Speaker

12. Which blogger has not been to all of the last three Bash at the Boathouse gatherings?
a. BoyGenius
b. Carter
c. Pauly
d. Derek

13. Which blogger passed out before the first WPBT tournament in Las Vegas?
a. Daddy
b. Iggy
c. Otis
d. Boy Genius

14. Which WSOP Champion spoke at the first ever WPBT gathering?
a. Jesus Ferguson
b. Chris Moneymaker
c. Greg Raymer
d. Tom McEvoy

15. Which female poker pro originally wrote on Card Squad with Derek and Jen Leo?
a. Vanessa Rousso
b. Liz Lieu
c. Erica Schoenberg
d. Carmel Petresco

16. How many outlets did I write for at the 2006 WSOP?
a. 9
b. 8
c. 12
d. 5

17. We all know Otis once ate two Keno crayons. But what did BoyGenius do at Brad-o-ween?
a. Drink a half full bottle of hot sauce.
b. Drink a bucket of tinny water.
c. Eat an entire raw eggplant.
d. Eat a slice of pizza that Otis drove over in his car.

18. Lewey (of the AlCantHang crew) is (in)famous for a spectacular drunken dash down a steep hill. Which blogger helped drive him home THEN booted in Landow's front yard?
a. Pauly
b. Derek
c. BoyGenius
d. Carter

19. Which female blogger drives a motorcycle?
a. Kat
b. Maudie
c. Joanne
d. California April

20. Which blogger cashed in the 2005 WSOP?
a. Otis
b. DoubleAs
c. Big Pirate
d. Joe Speaker

21. Which blogger had AlCantHang knighted by the Order of St. Arnold?
a. Chris Halverson
b. Peter Birks
c. Maudie
d. Arne

22. HDouble's favorite band is...
a. Phish
b. Radiohead
c. Wilco
d. Yonder Mountain String Band

23. Before he blogged about poker, Spaceman used to have a blog about...
a. Comic books
b. Politics
c. Chess
d. Hockey

24. Which of the following did the Poker Prof NOT do...
a. Attend law school in the South
b. Hit a hole in one at TPC Summerlin during a pro-am golf tournament
c. Work for an Iranian folk singer
d. Freelance programming work with NASA

25. By some weird confluence of the galaxy, both Derek and "Doogie" of the AlCantHang crew attended the same university and joined the same fraternity together. Which university?
a. Rutgers
b. U Penn
c. Bucknell
d. Radha Institute for Mentally Retarded

26. Which 2006 WSOP bracelet winner played in the first ever live WPBT poker tournament?
a. Rafe Furst
b. Max Pescatori
c. David Williams
d. Dutch Boyd

27. We all know Grubby invented the Hammer. But what was the Hammer's origin?
a. It's the name of Grubby's dog.
b. It's the name of a player in Grubby's homegame.
c. It's the name of Grubby's favorite singer.
d. It's the nickname for Grubby's penis.

28. Otis named his son after what 60s icon?
a. Jimi Hendrix
b. Bob Dylan
c. Jerry Garcia
d. Jim Morrison

29. Who's the tallest blogger out of the following...
a. Iggy
b. CJ
c. cc
d. Miami Don

30. The first official meeting between NYC's Pauly and Philly's AlCantHang occurred where?
a. Yankees game
b. Phillies game
c. Bash at the Boathouse
d. Ferrari's Blue Parrot home game

31. Which of the following phrases did Felicia NOT say to Pauly?
a. "You're a terrible poker player."
b. "You're ugly. I don't know how you sleep with so many women."
c. "You play too many hands."
d. "You need to write more about Stud."

32. Which blogger was a member of the winning team during the Drunken Olympics at Brad-o-Ween 2005?
a. AlCantHang
b. Pauly
c. Otis
d. Derek

33. Who played Ariel in a performance of Shakespeare's A Mid Summer's Night Dream?
a. Falstaff
b. Wil
c. Maudie
d. Change100

34. Flipchip is a Vietnam vet. Pick the non-veteran of the US Armed Forces...
a. Bill Rini
b. Brandon Schaefer
c. The Rooster
d. Easy Cure

35. Which blogger did NOT go to the Playboy Mansion in April?
a. Spaceman
b. Chad from Pokerama
c. StB
d. Bobby Bracelet

36. Who else is NOT a lawyer?
a. Jordan from High on Poker
b. SoxLover
c. on_thg
d. Ryan from Absinthe's Troubles

37. Everyone knows that Pauly won the 2005 Brad-o-Ween poker tournament, but who came in second?
a. CJ the Luckbox
b. Heather aka Princess Maigrey
c. Big Pirate
d. TeamScottSmith

38. What did Jaxia once herd in Texas?
a. Goats
b. Donkeys
c. Sheep
d. Llamas

39. Which of the following did Dan Michalski from Pokerati NOT do?
a. Run tournaments at a strip club in Dallas.
b. Edit one issue of All In Magazine.
c. Covered the war in Kosovo.
d. Was on the diving team for the 1991 Pan American Games.

40. Which female blogger has the best cleavage according to the Tao of Poker?
a. Jen Leo
b. Amy Calistri
c. Gracie
d. Veneno

41. What semi-pro sport did HDouble play?
a. Baseball
b. Basketball
c. Hockey
d. Football

42. Who went 10-2 with a 2.50 ERA during his sophomore year on his college baseball team after starting the season 6-0?
a. StB
b. Derek
c. TripJax
d. Daddy

43. Which blogger puked in a garbage can at the Excalibur at the last gathering?
a. Jules
b. Iggy
c. Hoyazo
d. Texas April

44. Where is G-Vegas located?
a. Georgia
b. North Carolina
c. Tennessee
d. South Carolina

45. Who has NOT won a WBPT live tournament in Las Vegas?
a. Studio Glyphic
b. F Train
c. Felicia
d. CJ

46. Who won the first ever WPBT online tournament?
a. Mean Gene
b. Boy Genius
c. Poker Nerd
d. Lord Geznikor

47. Which blogger passed out in the bathroom at the MGM during a WPBT gathering?
a. Poker Geek
b. Change100
c. Garth
d. Shelly from Hella Hold'em

48. Who was the overall champion of the 2005 Saturdays with Dr. Pauly?
a. Gracie
b. on_thg
c. CJ
d. Bobby Bracelet

49. Which famous actress admitted to me that she reads the Tao of Poker?
a. Mena Suvari
b. Shannon Elizabeth
c. Laura Prepon
d. Anne Heche

50. What put Otis on mega-tilt at the 2006 WSOP?
a. I got a double kiss from Isabelle Mercier.
b. Erica Schoenberg said hello to me in the hallway.
c. One of the hot Tilted Kilt waitresses said she read my blog.
d. All of the above.

51. Who is not a part of LA's Murderer's Row?
a. Ten Mile
b. HDouble
c. Joe Speaker
d. Bill Rini

52. What did Felicia say to Boy Genius when they met in person for the first time?
a. "You suck at poker."
b. "You should never play poker ever again."
c. "Did you try the gumbo?"
d. "You're fatter than I thought you'd be."

53. The Rooster won a freeroll tournament at a new underground poker club in New York City. What did he win?
a. Trip to the Borgata in AC
b. Flatscreen TV
c. $2,000 cash
d. Clay poker chip set and a free massage

54. Which blogger is currently homeless?
a. Grubby
b. Pauly
c. Mr. Subliminal
d. Poker Penguin

55. Jaxia had a hand named after her. What is it?
a. A-J
b. Q-J
c. K-J
d. J-9

56. Which poker pro did AlCantHang harass at the Playboy Mansion?
a. Daniel Negreanu
b. Hoyt Corkins
c. Steve Dannenmann
d. The Grinder

57. Pick the blogger NOT from Minnesota.
a. Drizz
b. Bloody P
c. Whiskeytown
d. Royal
Good luck!

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