Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Quickies

I wrote articles in the June issues of Poker Pro Magazine, Bluff, and Poker Player Newspaper. You can pick up Bluff and Poker Pro at bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders. Poker Player Newspaper appears in most card rooms and poker rooms in casinos. You can also visit their site and download the last issue in PDF format.

Here's a few freelance articles of mine that have been recently published in print/online:
2006 WSOP Preview: The $10 Million Man (or Woman) (Las Vegas & Poker Blog)
Longshot wins $3.7 Million WPT Championship (Poker Pro Magazine)
Poker Stars: 5 Million and Counting (Poker Player Newspaper)
Online Poker: Avoiding Distractions (Poker Player Newspaper)
Pauly's Picks: Las Vegas Poker (Las Vegas & Poker Blog)

And here's the Born to Gamble series that has been appearring on the Tao of Poker:
Born to Gamble Part I: Where It All Begins
Born to Gamble Part II: Southbound
Born to Gamble Part III: Midnight Rider
Born to Gamble Part IV: Ramblin' Man

When you get a chance, stop by and check out Flipchip's review of the Palms Poker Room. It's a must read if you have never been to the Palms before.

Now, go check out Spaceman's coverage of the final table of the WPT Mandalay Bay for Bluff Magazine. He's been doing a great job for this event and don't miss out.

Lastly, thanks to Top Gambling Blogs for mentioning the Tao of Poker in their Top 25 Gambling Blogs.

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