Friday, June 02, 2006

Big Pimpin' and Quckies with Gapped Toothed Hookers

Thanks to Craig Tapscott for mentioning the Tao of Poker in his Fox Sports article called Poker 411: Best Information on the Web. He's been writing the majority of the poker content over there, so take a peek.

June is here and I couldn't be more elated, like a horny puppy humping the living room couch leg for the first time. I took the month off from covering poker tournaments to rest up for the WSOP. I'm embarking on a few side trips with music as my main motivation to hit the road and travel to Tennesse, Colorado, and California. Spaceman will be in Las Vegas covering the WPT Mandalay Bay next week. Stop by Bluff Magazine and follow his tournament coverage.

At the end of this month, I officially move to Las Vegas to cover the WSOP on the Tao of Poker along with providing content for LasVegasVegas, Poker Player Newspaper, and whoever else wants to purchase my blood work. I'd hate to dissapoint all you Redneck Riviera fans, but I will not be returning to Hell's waiting room. I'll will be living in Henderson as Grubby's roommate.

partypokerad.gifMay was "berry berry goot to me." I'm finally unstuck for the year after a horrible start. I'm proud to admit that I'm a winning poker player again. For now. Over the last 35 days of play, I posted wins in 28 of them. Party Poker ressurected my bankroll. My hot streak covered all my loses on Full Tilt and Poker Stars combined. I cashed out profits on Party Poker twice this month. I have not done that in over a year.

90% of my online poker time is grinding away at the Limit Hold'em tables at Party. The other 10% of the time I'm fucking around. Party Poker saved my life. My bankroll. My sanity.

* * * * *

I've read several books over the past three weeks from Chuck Klosterman, Anne Lamott, Charles Bukowski, Neal Pollock, and three books from Alan Watts. I'm in the middle of reading Blue Blood by Edward Conlon, who is curently a NYPD detective. He went to my high school but graduated seven years earlier so we have never met. I ran cross country track with his younger brother. Conlon, who graduated from Harvard, grew up a few blocks from me in an adjoining neighborhood in the Bronx.

In Blue Blood, Conlon describes the gritty routine of being a beat cop under the worst conditions in a housing project in the Bronx as he weaves in NYC politics and what it was like to work under Rudy Guiliani. The first hundred pages covers his first two years on the force. You'll read about how thugs in the projects throw bricks and cans of spam at him from the roof. You'll also read about how he tackled and arrested a serial rapist who had been preying on women in their 60s and 70s. In one of the more gut wrenching scenes, he struggles to interviews a ten year old rape victim. The last hundred pages or so discusses his time at Ground Zero after 9.11 when he joined the bucket brigades looking for survivors.

* * * * *

Been working on Coventry, my music blog where Frankl is a contributor. I posted blurbs on bands such as Rose Hill Drive, Galactic, Particle, Lotus, Trey Anastasio & Mike Gordon with the Duo, Ben Harper, and The Grateful Dead. Frankl wrote a review of the George Clinton and P-Funk show in Denver.

On the poker front, I wrote a piece over at the Poker Prof's blog called Pauly's Picks: Las Vegas Poker.

Also, check out Flipchip's latest entry The New and Improved 2006 World Series of Poker.

Congrats to Double As, Grubby, Stormy, and Coach.
DoubleAs finally got his poker book off the ground. I helped write two sections! Stay tuned for more details.

Grubby finally picked up a tournament win! I talked to him for about 90 minutes yesterday and he also told me the story on how he turned $40 into $1100 on Full Tilt playing NL ring games. Stop by his blog the Poker Grub to read about out how a hooker brightened his day.

My buddy Stormy won a seat to the WSOP main event via PokerStars. We used to play cards together over ten years ago in homegames in my apartment in Park Slope and at another guy's place in Peter Cooper Village.

Coach from the Blue Parrot is playing for a seat in ESPN's Main Event tournament, which is basically 600 entrants vying for one free seat to the WSOP Main Event. To get there, he came in second in an 1016 person MTT two weeks ago, and then finished in the top 25 of a "Sunday Qualifier" over Memorial Day weekend to get that seat.

I heard that Vanessa Rousso got picked up by PokerStars, her new sponsor. I wonder who she had to blow to get that? I mean, I blew Otis and all I got was a lousy T-Shirt and a cold sore that still hasn't gone away.

Derek just booked his flight to Vegas in July and I booked us rooms at the Castle during the WPBT Summer Classic. Visit April's blog for more details.

If you haven' t done so, stop by and read FTrain's gem Luck You, then follow the trail of other posts on luck starting with Scuvy Dog's coda on luck.

HDouble published his quarterly treatise called The Phoenix Riddle Hath More Wit By Us and Monk is posting there now too.

Check out Ryan's series: The Suicide Pact, Part I and Part II.

Wicked Chops posted two hilarious things: Top 10 People Who Hate WCP Part I and Part II.

Lastly, thanks to the Top 10 Tao of Poker refferals for the month of May (in alphabetical order)... Aaron Gleeman, Amy Calistri, Change100, Double As, Drizz, Iggy, Maudie, Poker Prof, Tao of Pauly, and Up for Poker.

Be back Monday with Born to Gamble Part III.

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