Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bluff Radio, Fossilman Makes More History, and Grubby's Secret Drawer

I will be a regular on Bluff Poker Radio (channel 125 on Sirius) for the remainder of the 2006 World Series of Poker. Spaceman asked me if I was interested in helping kill some dead air and I quickly agreed, especially since they are paying me off in blow and hookers.

At 4pm PCT or 7pm EST starting this Thursday June 29th, I will be appearing on Bluff Poker Radio for about an hour before they broadcast coverage of the final table at 5pm. I have no idea what I'll be doing/saying and will be making up stuff as I go along.

Unfortunately, you have to have Sirius Radio in order to listen to the program. If you have Sirius, I hope that you tune in and listen to the unofficial "Spaceman and Pauly Show" on Channel 125. This should be tons of fun because I can drink before the show and curse since it's satellite radio. Plus I get to work with my buddy Spaceman who is one of the producers of Bluff Radio!

I drank at the Hooker Bar with Otis again at dinner break. We both played the video poker as I sipped a Red Stripe and he knocked back Coronas and we discussed international politics and various complicated theories in quantum physics.

The video poker machines at the Hooker Bar are some of the loosest in Vegas. Last year Otis nailed quads four times and I pulled it off once. Definitely check them out. You might find yourself a lady of the night as well.

We were about to order another round when Friedman and Johnny Walker invited us to join them for dinner and drinks at the Tilted Kilt, an English style pub in the Rio.

I had never knocked back cold ones at the Tilted Kilt because the majority of my WSOP alcohol consumption took place at the Hooker Bar and occasionally at the Masquerade Bar. The waitresses were stunning and wore short plaid kilts. If you tried hard enough, you could almost see bush. The sultry waitresses looked like strippers dressed as catholic high school girls. Naturally, I was in heaven.

Our waitress named Lana liked me a lot. The big tip helped. I made a witty "Stella" joke while attempting my best Marlon Brandon impression. She laughed. And it wasn't one of those fake laughs. It was genuine.

I told Otis we'll be drinking for the rest of the WSOP at the Tilted Kilt.

* * * * *

Greg "Fossilman" Raymer made history again at the WSOP. He took 63rd place in Event #2 after he pulled a move with a stop and go. He had all his money in the pot with the best hand... and lost. Here's how Otis described the hand:
4:13pm--Well, I've always had faith in Greg Raymer's ability to put a great read on his opponent. He did it this time, pulling a decent stop-and-go from the big blind. Raymer was actually ahead with his A5 on a 446 board against his opponent's K3. Then the board ran out runner-runner diamonds to give his opponent the flush and knock Raymer out in 63rd place.
Raymer also became the only player that cashed in every WSOP event that featured 2,000 or more players, which included the last two WSOP main events. That's an amazing feat.

When day two of Event #2 started, Carlos Mortensen held the chiplead. He would let it slip away. When it got close to the TV bubble, his big stack took two huge hits and he ended up fighting for his tournament life as the short stack with Jen Harman. The angelic Jen Harman ran into A-A with Big Slick and finished in 11th place. Carlos Mortensen fought back and doubled up when he woke up with pocket Aces. They held up against Drew Rubin's Hilton Sisters. He ended up making the final table and is 7th in chips.

Here's Event #2 $1,500 NL Final Table chip counts (courtesy of Poker Wire):
1 Brandon Cantu 753K
1 Lee Padilla 753K
3 Drew Rubin 573K
4 Mark Ly 516K
5 Mark Swartz 359K
6 Don Zewin 342K
7 Carlos Mortensen 337K
8 Ron Stanley 283K
9 Brent Roberts 260K
Paul Darden went deep and took 32nd place. Bill Gazes, Erik Seidel, Phil Gordon, and Devilfish all cashed. They made the final five tables but were all eliminated. The Devilfish started the day 5th in chips but could not advance. Phil Hellmuth didn't win his tenth bracelet, but he cashed for the 49th time in his career at the WSOP when he finished in 67th place. All of those pros outlasted 2,700+ other players.

Also getting busted and making the money today were Tuan Le, John Bonetti, Carl Olson, E-Fro, and Blair Rodman.

* * * * *
Random notes and thoughts...

You have to check out this revealing video that I made where I discover Grubby's Secret Drawer.

"I just saw a guy vomit on himself," Otis texted me as I was in the media room bullshitting with Nolan Dalla.

"Didya get a pic?" I texted back.

The lovely Liz Lieu sent me an email. She thanked me for all the traffic I sent her. Stop by her site and her journal. They also have a cool picture gallery. She sent me this pic that has not been published anywhere yet.

I'm a lucky guy when hot poker players like Liz send me "never-seen-before" pics of themselves via email. I hope to do a Q&A and an interview with her at some point over the next week or so.

I heard a hilarious story about one of the other media reps who met a hooker the other night. He didn't think she was a hooker at first. He was Albert Finney drunk and honestly thought that he picked up a hot chick. They started making out in his room and took the action over to the bed where she started jerking him off.

"If you want me to make you feel even more better, it's going to cost you $200."

He realized that the chick he had in his bed wasn't that easy, just one of those infamous Las Vegas hookers. He said he only had $20 left and handed her the last of his money... a $10 bill. He tried to negotiate a better deal as she teased his penis with her hands. He hoped that he could get off before she stopped stroking his salami.

She eventually persuaded him to go downstairs to the ATM. He also noticed that she snagged his $10 bill. As they started to walk out into the hallway she turned around and said, "Where are your shoes? You can't go out bare foot."

"That's right," he said and slammed the door.

* * * * *

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