Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hump Day Pimp Day

Five days and counting until the 2006 WSOP! By the way, check out the revised 2006 WSOP Schedule.

I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow evening when I officially move in with Grubby in Henderson. I'm spending my last busy day in NYC trying to do laundry and pack for 10 weeks on the road.

Stay tuned for a special annoucnement. The Tao of Poker just signed up a new sponsor during the WSOP, which means that I won't be paying my own way! They are going to let me do what I want, so I have 100% creative control. Let's hope this is the start of a new partnership.

If you don't know, I'm in the middle of a crazy stint where I'll be flying around catching a couple fo Widespread Panic shows at Red Rocks in Colorado and in Hollyweird. Inside of thirteen days, I'm flying from:
Nashville to NYC
NYC to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Denver
Denver to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Long Beach
Long Beach back to Las Vegas
Six flights. Five cities. Four time zones. Four Widespread Panic shows. 5,500 air miles flown. That's what the end of June is looking like for me. I'll have to squeeze WSOP coverage in during the weekdays since I'm taking off the next two weekends to see concerts.

Of course in three weekends, we have the bi-annual blogger get together in Las Vegas which includes a NL tournament. "Gigli" arrived in the mail so if you come in last place... I have your booby prize!

On the personal writing front...
Bluff Magazine published the online version of the article I wrote for the June issue called Poker Blog: The Best of the Best.

Poker Player Newspaper published my recent column Celebrity Endorsements.

Stop by the Tao of Pauly to read my trip report... Bonnaroo Part I. I'll post Part II later today. For Bonnaroo setlists, head over to my music blog.

On Wednesdays, Mookie holds a tourney on Poker Stars at 10pm. If I have the time, I'm going to play again this week. Stop by Mookie's site for more details and the password.

I jumped back into the fishy waters at Party Poker last night after a ten day hiatus away from the virtual felt. Although my game was shaky after a four day bender, I managed to hit and run for two sessions playing Limit Hold'em. When I'm in Vegas, I'm going to play a ton of live poker... at least five days a week to work on my middle stakes Limit game at 10-20 and above. I'm also going to grind out the ocassional low-limit NL cash game looking to double up against tourists with hands like 10-8o.

Now go stop by Wicked Chops Poker and read their blogfiles on Jen Leo, which includes a pic of us drinking heavily during the Full Tilt party at the WSOP last year.

Five more days until the 2006 WSOP...

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