Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flipchip Update

He was short on chips when he pushed all in with A-K. He had a race with J-J and rivered a King to double up. He had a little over 2K at that point and is sitting pretty with 2500 now.

At the table next to Flipchip was the lovely Lacey Jones. She's playing in eight or nine events, including the big one.

Lacey Jones

I bumped into Brandon Schaefer who just woke up. He's going to be playing tomorrow in the PL Hold'em event. I saw both Joe Hachem and Greg Raymer posing for pictures with fans. Right now I'm in the media room sitting next to Otis.

Another update...

6:15pm... Flipchip just busted when his A-A got snapped off by J-10. The opponent raised to 600 and Flipchip min re-raised to 1200. The guy called and flopped two pair. All the money went in on the flop and Flipchip busted out early.

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