Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tournament Week: Countdown to the WPBT and the Hilton Sisters Challenge

The next WPBT event is on Wednesday night at 9pm EST on Poker Stars and I'm surprised that we have a low turnout. It's only a $20 buy-in. Maybe we'll get a last minute push. I haven't read about any bounties out there like we've had in the past. I know that Coach is giving away a copy of his book if you knock him out and do not make the money. Let's get a few more going, shall we?

For the record, if you knock me out... you get nothing. However, I will make fun of you in my blog(s). At least you'll get some ink.

Paris & Nicky want you to sign up for Party Poker!

I will be running not one... but two different Hilton Sisters Challenges. What? Two Hilton Sisters Challenges for the price of one? Yes, it's true. And I'll even throw in a set of steak knives and an ashtray that I once stole from the Hilton in San Francisco to sweeten the deal. Two chances to win stuff with everyone's favorite hotel heiresses.
  • Hilton Sisters Challenge #1: Your mission is to crack AA with QQ.
  • Hilton Sisters Challenge #2: Your mission is to crack QQ with... The Hammer!
Prizes: T-shirt or a DVD. You can elect to have either a cool tie-dyed Phish t-shirt designed by my buddy Bruce, who is a kick ass graphic artist. Or you can have the latest Howard Lederer DVD... Howard Lederer "Tells" All, which happens to feature everyone's favorite Bellagio dealer... Linda from Pokerworks.com!

I will be holding the contest for the duration of the tournament. If you win, you must send me the hand history. No exceptions. Did you like how I squeezed the Hammer in there? Recently, the Hilton Sisters have been my bete noire. I've lost to AA and KK the last time I played with them hard and fast. My luck and patience has worn thin with Nicky and Paris. Best of luck to everyone... it's one dangerous hand.

Tournament Week

I have a bunch of tournaments scheduled. Wednesday is the WPBT event on Poker Stars. On Thursday, Toni is hosting another tournament at the TowneHouse. Saturday is the Blue Parrot Invitational featuring everyone's favorite New York City poker bloggers. And on Sunday, Ugarte is hosting a Super Bowl tournament out in Crooklyn. Man... so many tourneys... so little time to play. I'm a maybe for the Super Bowl one. At least I'll have plenty of material to write up for my blog in the next week or so. How cool could would it be if I won all four?

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