Monday, February 07, 2005

St. Grubby's Day

It is February 7th (2-7). I tried a few "connections" with the church to get our holiness, the pontiff himself, to officially designate today as St. Grubby's Day. Unfortunately, he's fallen ill and is near death. The paperwork never went through. Sadly, I could not get the Catholics to hook us up.

However, the Rev. Blue Sky Shalamboojuday, leader of the Church of the Open Mind in Bellingham, Washington passed an official Church Doctrine to recognize 2-7 as St. Grubby's Day. Who cares if his organization is listed on the Cult Watch List? It's the thought that counts.

So, bust out the killer Kool Aid and polish off your Hammers. It's St. Grubby's Day.

Happy St. Grubby's Day!

Your Mission: Drop The Hammer at your table and make sure you type, "Happy St. Grubby's Day!" in the chat. Then send your hand history to Grubby as a small token of your appreciation.

Have a good day today and beware of Hammer wielding Penguins!

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