Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hiltons, Geeks, and Empire Reloads

A few quick things as I am sweating the Poker Geek in his quest for a cruise. So far 80 players left out of 1500+. He's hanging in there and knocked out a guy with the Hillton Sisters! Very impressed with his solid play so far. He's the real deal.

Editor's Note: Congrats to the Geek... he took 11th and won a spot! He rules.

I've been busy working off my bonus for Empire Poker on the NL and Omaha tables. They are offering a25% relaod bonus (FEB150) up to $150 max. You have until Feb. 6th to deposit the funds.

Don't forget to use my Empire bonus code: TAO72

We Have a Winner!

Paris Whatshername is hosting Saturday Night Live. I would love to see a skit of Celebrity Poker Letdown with Paris. Anyway... congrats to WW over at Big Slick Poker won won the Hilton Sisters Challenge #1. Way to go. He cracked the Poker Nerd's AA with QQ. Simply amazing.

The NYC WPBT event starts in exactly twelve hours. I have to squeeze in two SNGs on Party, write for two hours, sleep for five, and read for an hour. More to come.

Lastly, here's something I read in the NY Times Op/Ed page, Social Security Poker: It's Time for Liberals to Ante Up. Ah, don't you love the debate on Social Security reform?

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