Friday, February 11, 2005

6th Place Blows
"Do what makes your opponent uncomfortable." - Poker Penguin
I took 6th out of 80 in a multi-table tournament on Empire Poker last night. Actually, it was more like very early this morning. If I didn't run into pocket aces with 10-10... things might have turned out differently. At least I made the final table in a Limit MTT. Yeah, like a rookie, I made a huge mistake and signed up for a Limit MTT instead of a NL MTT. I know. I know. Stay away from the brown acid. The brown acid is... bad.

The hand of the night was AA on the button. The flop: 10-A-10. There was a guy with A5s who called every one of my raises all the way to the river. With two tables remaining and shortstacked, I put a bad beat on a the table chipleader. He held my least favorite pocket pair: JJ. While holding my breath with KJs, I flopped a King. That instantly set him on tilt. He bled away his stack like a hemophiliac juggling a trio of Ginsu knives.

I also played in a NL free roll simultaneously. I took 116th out of 500 in that. Played three or fours hands the entire time. I kept getting my table changed and never fell into a comfortable flow.

On the $30 SNG front, I have only cashed in 3 out of my last 13, make that 4 out of my last 15. Ouch. Terrible stats. I am to blame for most of those early exists when a wave of hyper aggression took over. The Poker Nerd would not be proud.

With the Empire bonus worked off, I can relax this weekend and find sometime to play a few SNGs on Party Poker. I intend on writing a shitload, especially focusing on the third draft of Gumbo. I also have a prop bet with an secret blogger whether or not I can give a certain malcontent heiress a Kentucky Pile Drive. Thanks to Alexa for that link. Have a good weekend everyone.

Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. Steely Dan
2. Rilo Kiley
3. Galactic
4. The Grateful Dead
5. John Coltrane with Miles Davis

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