Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sportsbetting Podcasts: Trap Games, Blackjack Fallacies, Conquering Risk, and Syndicate Betting

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I listen to a bunch of spotsbetting podcasts, but these days I'm enjoying the gang at the best. They recorded several last week that touched on topics ranging from blackjack, to the Kelly Criterion, to the UIEGA, and of course my favorite topic -- what really goes behind the scenes in the sportsbetting world.

RJ Bell and his crew have been doing a kick ass job at PreGame, so I wanted to give them props for their hard work by mentioning a few gems to you that I enjoyed recently.....
Betting Dork: Interviewing Elihu Feustel, the author of "Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street" with Gil and Elihu Feustel

Betting Dork: Interviewing Jeffrey Ma from the original MIT Blackjack team with Gil and Jeffrey Ma

This Week in Sports Betting: Anatomy of a Trap Game with RJ Bell and Vegas Runner

This Week in Sports Betting: Syndicate Betting with RJ Bell and Philly Godfather
The first podcast with author Elihu Feustel was amazing because he shared a few juicy stories about a couple of hairy situations with sportsbooks, like the time Pinnacle canceled his multi-team teaser on a card of NFL pre-season games, and how he butted heads with several sportsbooks at Harrah's properties. Gil and Elihu also chatted a bit about the UIGEA toward the end of the Betting Dork episode.

The second podcast with Jeffrey Ma had a few enlightening moments, especially when he dispelled the myths about blackjack and his interesting take on the sports betting market.

My favorite podcasts with RJ Bell are the ones when wiseguys (like Philly Godfather and Vegas Runner) come on and give you a real and honest glimpse on the vagaries of the sportsbetting world. This week they shared some insight on the shadowy, yet sophisticated underworld of syndicate betting and how to avoid trap games (black holes for sports bettors). And yeah, I love the Ice Cube intro music... It Was A Good Day. Fitting anthem for sportsbettors in the postmodern era.

Oh, and just in case you missed it, check out Change100's This Week in Sportsbetting episode she recorded last month. I was invited by RJ to chat about Black Friday, but I was visiting Machu Picchu and couldn't make it so my better half, Change100, filled in for me as a guest and did a better job than I could explaining Black Friday fallout.

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