Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 Fun Moments from the 2010 WSOP

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The 2011 WSOP is just around the corner. I haven't even gotten over last year's circus-like event. I have a few lingering memories from the Amazon Ballroom and beyond.

Yes, these were some good times (in no specific order aside from which order the flashbacks are flowing inside the hallways of my mind)...
1. Durrrr having the entire High Stakes world by the balls.

2. Meeting Jesse May for the first time.

3. Beer bowling with the French media, whom I nicknamed Les Miserables.

4. Merchdawg making me a RESERVED sign for my spot in media row.

5. Throwing things... one late night, we tried to throw things in a cup in the pressbox. Hilarity ensued.

6. Recording the infamous Tao of Pokerati episode with Benjo titled Lesbian Kisses.

7. "Timmmmmmternnnnnnnnnnn!"

8. Betting on Spain, and winning, in the World Cup.

9. The Main Event Day 1 Pharmie Report.

10. Dana's birthday at Naked Fish.

11. Michalski picking me up at the airport a couple of hours before the Main Event after being up for 2 straight days partying it up on Phish tour.

12. All those Brits winning bracelets,but their epic feat was overshadowed by Phil Ivey.

13. Girlfriend of one random pro asking Change100 for Vicodin during a final table.

14. Seeing MeanGene and Al sitting at the end of the Hooker Bar sipping drinks and playing video poker.
Maybe for my next installment, I'll include more poker-related highlights instead of late night hijinks and off campus activities.

Photo courtesy of Harper and/or Benjo.


  1. Matt- I should add the clutch moment you cracked my back when I threw it out. In fact...

    15. I threw out my back in the press box. I was out of pharmies but luckily Matt Waldron cracked my back and Friedman scrounged up a few Percs for me.

  2. You left off my favorite. Main Event finally gets down to 27 players after a long night. Pauly rips off his shirt and runs around the press box half-naked screaming like a soccer player who just scored the winning goal.