Saturday, May 28, 2011

Need a Poker Fix? Introducing Rise Poker

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I'm going to be working on a new project this summer -- Rise Poker.

I'm sure you've heard whispers about Rise Poker, or maybe even you read the press release, but if you don't know, Rise Poker is a free poker site (totally legal and legit in the Nanny States of America) and it will launch on May 31st.

Rise Poker is a collaborative effort between a couple of heavy hitters in the poker industry. Zen Gaming will be providing the platform, so now you finally have a bit of methadone to get you through the horrendous shakes and cold/hot sweats after suffering from online poker withdrawal.

But be warned... I'm not gonna bullshit you... if you've an online grinder with a penchant for multi-tabling a dozen or more SNGs at once, or if you used to make six figures a year as an "online pro", then Rise Poker might not be your cup of tea.

However, if you're a casual (yet semi-serious) player who wants to play online poker with friends every once in a while, or if you're just an online poker junkie and you're jonesin' hard to see some sort of virtual flop, then check out Rise Poker.

Rise Poker is also giving away a WSOP Main Event seat, so if you're looking for a cheap option to get your golden ticket to the Main Event, then Rise Poker might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Here's the tagline on the Rise Poker website:
  • Legally play online poker in the United States.
  • Compete for up to $100,000 in monthly cash prizes and choose from hundreds of daily Texas Hold'em tournaments.
  • Compete for entries into premium events like the $10,000 Main Event championship.
  • Instantly connect with fellow poker players at your tables, in our forums, and on our blog.
  • Rapidly improve your game with poker strategy and tips from our team of poker pros.
  • Earn membership benefits and rewards.
  • Interact with our RISE Poker Team Pros and compete against them daily in our pro bounty tournaments.
By the way, Rise Poker is full engaged in the social media world. Check out Rise Poker's Facebook page and follow @Rise_Poker on Twitter.

Don't forget that May 31st is the launch. Oh, and stay tuned for an announcement on the Rise Poker-centric project I'll be working on during the 2011 WSOP.

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