Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Got My Mind On My Money and My Money On My Mind

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

PokerStars paid their players.

Full Tilt is supposedly going to let players know shortly about getting paid.

And now UB/AP cut a deal with the DOJ. You can read the details in this wretched PR piece, but players are still clueless about cashouts.

Even after the UB/AP junta cut a deal and issued a fluffy promise to repay its customers, many players are skeptical that they are not going to get paid... or at least... paid anytime soon. Over the last few weeks, players have been dumping their UB bucks for pennies on the dollar, just to get something...anything...out of their virtual rolls.

Just yesterday, UB dumped their stable of sponsored pros. Los Hombres pondered which pros are next tolose sponsorships?

In semi-related gaming news... know many American sports bettors who got spooked out over April 15th. A popular offshore book, BetUS, announced last week that they will no longer be accepting new players from the U.S. Market. If you have an existing account, you will be grandfathered in.

Many players successfully cashed out of online sports books with no major issues except it's taking a little longer to get money out of Costa Rica -- which everyone knows can be a tiresome and arduous task depending on which company you're dealing with.

Perhaps BetUS is just the first of many sportsbooks to shut their doors to new players from U.S. soil. That hurts the weekend warriors. The whales will be able to make bets no matter what... but it's the casual bettors that might find fewer places to bet when the football season kicks off... or I should say... if the football season kicks off.

If you have money stuck somewhere, well... fire up a fatty, and get down with the wisdom of my favorite West Coast poet (not named Bukowski)... Calvin Broadus, Jr.

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