Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Nugs: PokerStars/Wynn Fiddy-Fiddy, Swedish Court Ruling, Life After Football, and Background Beats

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

It's Friday. Congrats to all of you for making it to the end of the week. So, while you're on the cusp of letting it rip for an epic weekend, here's newsworthy items semi-related to poker and a few more that stretch beyond the poker realm...
Big Business: How monumental is the recent partnership between Steve Wynn and Poker Stars? Scarlet broke down How PokerStars Won Wynn and Made It Fiddy-Fiddy. (Pokerati)

Poker Legislation: The Swedish courts ruled that poker is both a game of luck and skill. Typical Scandi response, eh? That'll happen when you live in Scandinavia, where ten-year olds have bankrolls larger than the GDP of Portugal. (The Local)

Arms Race: Speaking of Scandis... Kim (an old friend from Norway) shared his thoughts on the escalation of high roller events with The Big Buy-in Arms Race Is an Affront the Game. (Infinite Gaming Edge)

NFL Lock Out: How can the impending NFL lockout affect the local Vegas economy? David G. Schwartz sounds off on Life After Football. (Vegas Seven)

Politics: One of my favorite writers eloquently penned an Open Letter to President Obama. (Rapid Eye Reality)

Pop Culture: The Goat (or the alien living inside the Goat) never ceases to amaze me. I'm digging his Time Delayed Oscars series. Check out his latest gem about the 1999 Time-Delayed Oscars. (The Goat Speaks)

Pimp: Writing in metaphors again... Extra Butter. (Tao of Pauly)

New Music: Have you listened to the latest edition of Background Beats - April 2011? My buddy Jonas posted the latest installment of his monthly mix, which is perfect background music for daily activities: working out, showering, writing, having a booty call, driving to work, or grinding it out at the virtual tables. (Coventry Music)
Have a sensational weekend. Yes, by now you know the drill. NGTFOOMO!

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