Friday, April 15, 2011

Exile on Main Street Reprise

By Pauly
Lima, Peru

I wrote Exile on Main Street in October 2006 when the UEIGA was introduced by those fucking crooks and snake oil salesmen in D.C.

Flash forward to today: U.S. Federales Charge Pokerstars, Full Tilt, AbsolutePoker with Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, and Illegal Gambling.

You can also read the full indictment here. Thanks to Pokerati for the link.

So contemporary drug lords in Mexico and Colombian king pins from Cocaine Cowboys era of the 1980s laundered billions of dollars through U.S. banks and washing their cash via Wall Street investment houses. Shit, after the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008, the only people funneling cash into American banks were drug dealers!

When you click through Tao of Poker's affiliate links, you get this awesome message from the fucking Nanny State...

Or click here for an enlarged version.

I'm listening to The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street right now in Lima, Peru. My Costa Rican colleague offered to help me and my girlfriend to find a house in San Jose. Hmm... Costa Rica is a beach paradise.

Then again, maybe I'll just walk away from Tao of Poker and write novels. Or I can focus on fear mongering and my music blog. Hey, if I skip the WSOP this summer, I can do all of Phish summer tour. Instead of pushing online poker onto the masses, maybe I'll return to my roots by slinging pharmies in the lot?

I said this almost five years ago and I'll say it again...
As is, I'm an expatriate living in America. I finally understand the reference by The Rolling Stones... "exile on Main Street."
* * * *

Update: Friday afternoon

Here's some links...
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  1. What a joke our government has become! The slippery slope of taking away our individual freedoms has been breeched. Time to find a free country to move to. I am so pissed off at everything going on in our country that I can't even put it into words. Tony

  2. Tony - this quote has been ringing through my head: "A well armed populous is the best defense against tyranny."

  3. man you crack me up dude we gotta meet up on toor this summer

  4. The offensive to control spin begins immediately.

    I'm trying to circulate this meme: The DOJ destroyed more jobs in a single day than the 5 biggest corporate layoffs in history combined.

    The severance package was a real bastard too.

  5. This must be serious, the Blogfather has a 27 word uber-post. Still up and running on UB and Sportbook.

  6. Excellent summation of day 1 and thanks for the great reference links. This time next week we should be able to digest this and estimate the long term impact.

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