Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning Nugs: Bookies Busted in Queens, Legal Poker in D.C., Man in Black, Detecting Deception, and British Postmodern Funk

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Monday. If you have a case of the Mondays, then I'm sorry because it's like having a case of the morning beer shits. I feel your pain. Part of the reason I took a vow of poverty as a writer was so I would never, ever have to feel the gut-wrenching pain of sitting in a cubicle on Monday morning and snorting lines of Sweet-n-Low in order to get motivated to do any semblance of work for the day. Luckily, you're here to kill some time, or dare I say, this is like your bump of artificial sweetener...
Busted: A huge bust in Queens went down last week after the federales pinched a couple of wiseguys who were running a sports betting operation that supposedly netted over $8 million. The bookies in custody have alleged ties to the Bonanno crime family and were using an offshore site,, as part of their operation. (NY Daily News)

Poker Legislation: More hype? Or will someone finally pull the trigger on legalized online poker? Supposedly, the District of Columbia is about to become the first part of American soil to allow online poker. Supposedly... as is with all things political and poker, I'm skeptical that anything will happen. I hope I'm wrong in this case. (Wall Street Journal)

Gaming Stats: Were you wondering if the economy has been improving or declining? Don't listen to the talking heads on the biz news channels. Instead, do what I do and take the pulse of the gambling community. David Schwartz breaks down the last six months of gaming revenue in the state of Nevada. (The Die Is Cast)

Psych: Joe Navarro knows if you've been naughty or if you've been nice. He's not Santa Claus, but rather a former interrogator for the FBI, and I imagine that he'd be able to get a read on Old St. Nick if need be. Although this is not a poker or gambling article, I thought this was an interesting read and has some applications to poker... Four Opportunities to Detect Deception (Psychology Today)

Snoopy: Ha, Snoopy gets his own category! I wished that Snoops, one of my favorite scribes, wrote more often. I enjoyed his latest post... Puppy Tilt ...and yes, I read it aloud in a Midlands-heavy British accent. (Black Belt Poker)

Flashback: This is a flashback of sorts from the November Nine. I never linked up my article about Jonathan Duhamel winning the Main Event. Better late than never, eh? Dispatches from the November Nine: The Man in Black. (Bluff Magazine)

Music: Here's a sample of non-poker writing for your amusement, it's the first installment of a series that I'm working on the contemporary funk scene in the U.K.... British Postmodern Funk, Vol. 1: The New Mastersounds. (Coventry Music)
That's it. All of you punks and punkettes know the drill by now...NGTFOOMO!

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