Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Friday: Ten Days Later - Consensus Says PPA Must Go

By Pauly
Cusco, Peru

I'm still in South America rounding up freedom fighters to assist us in overthrowing El Presidente Obama as the puppet in La República del Plátano de los Estados Unidos. Until my return to American soil, here's a few noteworthy items that you should be reading...
Matt Matros' Op-Ed: After the Dept. of Justice shuts down online poker, a poker pro defends his game (Washington Post)

The biggest joke played on us all...the PPA! (2+2)

The PPA Meets Or Exceeds Expectations (CrAAKKer)

The PPA is pathetic. (Bill Rini)

PPA Needs to Be Stopped (Riding the F Train)

Epic thread: Online Poker Players: Before and After (2+2)

Follow the Money: Online Poker and Political Contributions (Pot Committed)
That's all I got. I started penning a post about Black Friday, which I hope to finish shortly. Planning revolutions is rather time consuming and cuts into my writing time. Until then... GTFOOMO!

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