Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Nugs: WSOP Name Origins, Red Pros on Twitter, Tipping Dealers, Online Poker Arms Race, Tin Foil Hats, and Truckin

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

So many stories... so little time to expand upon all of these bits of information for you to masticate upon on this Friday. Kill some time before the big Super Bowl weekend.
Nolan Dalla is one of my favorite writers. He penned a thorough piece detailing the origins of how the World Series of Poker derived its name. (

Do you want to stalk your favorite pros on Twitter? Then AlCantHang's post, Poker in the Age of Twitter, is a must read because it reveals the Twitter handles of the majority of Full Tilt's stable of 6,420 red pros. I dunno about you, but I'm pumped that some of my favorite Scandis are on the list. Now I know what Soren Konsgaard had for breakfast today! (Poker From the Rail)

Ever wonder about tipping your dealers? Tipping Point: How Dealers Make A Living is a guest post from an actual dealer about the inside dope about tipping. (Pokerati)

There's been a cold war among online poker rooms going on for a while behind the scenes. They all want to achieve the same thing: global dominance. Here's a detailed analysis about Online Poker Arms Race. (Bill's Poker Blog)

Kim is one of my favorite Scandi thinkers/scribes in poker. Check out Kim's latest Tin Foil Hat UIGEA Theory. I love anything involved with tin foil hats. (Infinite Edge)

Oh, and if you like to read short stories or travel stories, then I encourage you to read the recent issue of Truckin'. My contribution this month was inspired by my trip to the Bahamas last month and it's titled Sweet T'ings. Other stories included submissions from AlCantHang, May B. Yesno, Mark Verve, and Alex Villegas -- making his debut. Here's the February issue. (Truckin')
Yep, you know what's up... NGTFOOMO!

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