Sunday, February 27, 2011

Talking March Madness with Lou Krieger

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Lou Krieger invited me to join him on his weekly radio show, Keep Flopping Aces. I'm a frequent guest on Lou's show and in the past we discussed poker-related topics, however, for the most recent episode we chatted about... college basketball.

A little background on the topic...Lou is my editor at Poker Player Newspaper and most of the time after I email him my column, our email thread branches off into basketball, specifically about college hoops. So when Lou asked me to come onto his show, I suggested that we chat about a topic that we both love -- college hoops. Lou loved the idea and dedicated an entire episode of his show to the upcoming March Madness college basketball tournament.

If you like college basketball, then listen to the latest episode (2/24/11) of Keep Flopping Aces. We gave a conference-by-conference run down about what teams we expect to be in this year's tournament, and which teams might bubble.

By the way, if you're someone who has been too busy to pay attention to college hoops, but want to know what's up when it's time to fill out a brackets for your office pool, then our show will be a good primer.

Click here to listen to Keep Flopping Aces. Thanks again to Lou for having me on.

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