Wednesday, February 02, 2011

58 Bracelets, 15-Minutes of Fame, and 12 Donkaments

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The dynamic duo over at Poker From the Rail, AlCantHang and Dave McCarthy, asked me to share my half-baked jaded-vet thoughts about the recently announced 2011 World Series of Poker schedule. How could I say no those those awesome guys over at Full Tilt Poker?

I penned a guest post titled 58 Bracelets, 15-Minutes of Fame, and 12 Donkaments. It's my take on the greatest gambling spectacle on Earth otherwise known as the WSOP. (Side note: I actually got the hiccups from laughing so loud at the ignorance of the first commenter. Ah, maybe next time I'll aim lower to appease those slack-jawed yokels lacking in satirical intelligence).

This summer will mark my 7th straight migration to Las Vegas to cover the Running of the Donks. Rest assured, I will be writing daily dispatches of the WSOP for Tao of Poker and recording hit-and-run podcasts with Michalski and Benjo for the Tao of Pokerati, the quickest poker-themed podcast on the intertubes.

I'm actually excited for the 2011 WSOP. It's really a dream come true: reporting deep from the trenches of the Killing Fields, embedded with intoxicated railbirds, rebuffing the advances of LAGtard working girls at the Hooker Bar (a.k.a. AlCantHang's satellite office), engaging in high-stakes tossing of citrus fruits with Otis, and having spirited and meaningful discussions on the future of the poker industry with my colleagues in the echo chamber (ooops, I meant to say the pressbox).

Yes, my goal this year is to provide heightened snark on the arduous trials and tribulations of poker's aristocracy, meanwhile I'll be launching a subversive campaign to incite a cultural revolution among the bourgeois. Enjoy the Tao of Poker now before it gets shut down by Mubarak's Junta.

* * * *

Here's a complete list of guest posts that I penned for Full Tilt's From the Rail:
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Thanks again to ACH and DM for the invite.

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