Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Nugs: Jack Ury Farewell, Personal Jurisdiction and Online Poker Legality, Anonymous Blogging, and He Caught the Katy

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The legendary sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton
(Photo by Flipchip)

Time to shake off your Super Bowl hangover and get your ass in gear for the work week. Ah, who am I kidding, if you're reading this then you're already slacking off at work, to which I applaud you! So to help you kill some time, here's a handful of well-written poker-related pieces, which I read over the weekend and that I think you'll also enjoy.
The oldest player to ever buy into the WSOP Main Event, Jack Ury, passed away. Shamus penned a fitting farewell post to Ury, who took part in one of the craziest slow roll in WSOP history. (Betfair)

The Intersection of Law & Online Poker - Personal Jurisdiction was written by Grange95. It's an excellent read, with a thorough and in depth analysis on personal jurisdiction and the legality of online poker. (crAAKKer)

Mr. Funk's latest story about a slap-happy drunken crazy female passenger... He Caught the Katy. It made me say, "WOW!" out loud at least four times. (Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles)

The Difference Between Online Casinos and Fully Legal Land-based Gambling Halls is a bit of top notch blogging from Michalski. His meds must be working this week! (Pokerati)

Is anonymous tweeting or blogging a bad thing? Thanks to Kid Dynamite for a tip about this gem: Anonymous/Pseudonymous Blogging & Tweeting, Good or Bad?. And read KD's reaction What's In a Name? (Kid Dynamite's World)

Don't forget about my latest guest post about the 2011 WSOP... 58 Bracelets, 15-Minutes of Fame, and 12 Donkaments (From the Rail)
You know the drill...NGTFOOMO.

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