Thursday, May 06, 2010

Link Dump: SCOOP, Poker Poetry, Aliens, Bacon & Breasts, and Truckin'

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'm bogged down with publishing Lost Vegas and freelancing for PokerStars. Here's a quick link dump to tide you over, until I have some more time to ramble on incessantly about useless shit.
I'm covering SCOOP. I wrote a couple of recaps: Ricebällchen Wins Event #9-L $22 Mixed Hold'em 6-Max... and... tcblade slices and dices his way to victory in Event #7-H: $1,575 NL Heads-Up.(PokerStars Blog)

Speaking of SCOOP, Shamus went a little crazy due to sleep deprivation while he covered a marathon event that started on Tuesday and ran into Wednesday. He started speaking in tongues on Twitter. Well, not quite tongues, but in Iambic Pentameter. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Matt Savage, tournament director extraordinaire, will be hosting a new tournament series this August at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. (Pokerati)

If you were wondering how to gauge the economy? Then you must read... Two More Economic Indicators: Bacon and Breasts. (Kid Dynamite)

My brother rarely posts. We often joke that he writes four times a year, so consider this his quarterly post.... Save the Aliens. Funny ass shit, if you ask me. Someday he'll write more, and we will laugh more frequently. (Poker in the Weeds)

Flipchip posted some pics from last year's WSOP. And yes, Flipchip will be a snapping photos at the WSOP again this year. He's been at it since the 1970s and still going strong. (

I wrote a review of the Phish 3D movie. Fun times. (Coventry Music)

I wrote a short story titled "Uncle Louie". In case you were wondering, it appeared in the May issue. (Truckin')
That's it for now. Get the hell out of my office!

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