Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Link Dump: Future of Online Poker, Beer Pong Rigged, WTP Bust, Gambling Flicks, and Whoring

By Pauly
Las Vegas

A few items to masticate on this lazy Sunday.
Is the upcoming Brunson Beer Pong championships rigged? I think Michalski has been overdosing on his meds -- but at least he's taking them. Los Hombres at Wicked Chops Poker picked Matt Stout and AlCantHang to win this year's beer pong title. I'm jumping on that bandwagon and looking for a seasoned-bar vet in ACH and "All in at 420" to smoke the field. Also, looked out for the Erik+Erica pairing. For the record... Michalski is a chump, but his teammate is a good kid from Minnesota named Drew, and the former goalie on the UNLV hockey team. Drew has lightning-quick reflexes which should bail out Michalski on more than one instance. (Pokerati)

I blew off the WTP and went on an unplugged vacation at the beach where I read four books in five days. I stand by my choice after hearing the negative reaction to the WTP for the veterans who were covering it. Sure, I'm biased because I'm a reigning Dream Team Poker champion -- but that's really the best format for a team event. (Riding the F Train)

I'm not a fan of Wal Mart. They are the personification of evil and one of the multi-national corporations (MNCs) that I often avoid in order to prevent the Walton family from becoming even richer while putting mom and pop stores out of business. Anyway, enough of the socio-political ranting... enjoy this list of 16 random items that you'll only find at a Wal Mart in China. I loved the bins of mixed meat. And why hasn't anti-bacterial tidy whities become a huge hit in America? (Buzz Feed)

Interesting take on politics and the future of online gambling. I tend to lean more toward Bill's take then everyone else. Then again, I'm a jaded vet who see our politicians in DC nothing more than used car salesmen whoring themselves out to MNCs. (Bill's Poker Blog)

Decent list of Top 10 gambling movies. The Hustler and The Sting would have made mine. This inspired me to write a future post. Stay tuned. (Miami New Times)

Old news, but worth a look. Here's John Stossel trying to stump for legalized online gambling , only to have Billy-O push forth his Nanny State agenda. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Music freaks will enjoy the fifth volume of Background Beats. My buddy Jonas put together another mix for your listening enjoyment. Perfect music for playing poker, smoking weed, and getting down and dirty with your significant other. (Coventry Music)

For some reason, one of my older philosophical diatribes is still getting heavily linked up. If you're a pimp or a whore,, or perhaps just play one on TV, then check out Money on the Dresser. (Tao of Pauly)
That's it. The calm before the storm. NGTFOOMO.


  1. David3:39 PM

    THe best is that the underwear is called Dong Phu.

  2. Aussiesmurf3:52 AM

    <span>Top 10 Gambling movies ever : </span>
    <span>(1) Croupier</span>
    <span>(2) Owning Mahony</span>
    <span>(3) Casino</span>
    <span>(4) The Cooler</span>
    <span>(5) Let It Ride</span>
    <span>(6) The Hustler</span>
    <span>(7) The Sting</span>
    <span>(8) Rounders</span>
    <span>(9) The Cincinnatti Kid</span>
    <span>(10) </span><span>Pool-Hall Junkies</span>

  3. Pauly4:18 AM

    I have 2 of those on my upcoming post!

  4. I like "Let it Ride" also. Leaving Las Vegas has 0 to do about gambling.

  5. Aussiesmurf2:21 AM

    I agree, RedB.  I deliberately made the list of the best movies about GAMBLING, not the best MOVIES about gambling.  Of course on any objective level The Hustler is a better movie than Let It Ride.  However, I ranked the films in the order of how well they summed up what gambling is all about.

    Croupier is a masterpiece about gambling.  WIithout spoiling it, the main character keeps insisting that, despite working at a casino he 'never gambles', but as the movie keeps going, we realise that he gambles far more in life than he wants to admit...

  6. Great stuff as usual Pauly.  I really liked your article on Isuldur1 and posted it on

  7. Thanks, Donn.