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2009 WSOP Tao of Pokerati Episodes

By Pauly
Off the Grid

I'm on vacation, so here's a 2009 WSOP flashback post, one of many to tide you over until I get back.

If you have never listened to the Tao of Pokerati, then you're missing out on the fastest WSOP podcast on the intertubes. The brief format fits my busy personae and Michalski's scattered-brained organizational skills. We recorded the episodes all over the Rio, in bowling alleys, and even at a strip club.

And if you've heard us before, here's your chance to listen to some of your favorite episodes from last summer and November.

But first some background info...

I spent two weeks at the 2009 WSOP, bailed for three weeks, then returned for the final three. During the first half of the summer, we recorded 17 episodes. Some of my favorites feature Benjo, who filled in for Michalski on more than one ocassion.
Book 11: The WSOP - June Episodes
Episode 11.1: How We Roll (2:42)
Episode 11.2: Questionable Tactics (2:57)
Episode 11.3: High School Musical (2:50)
Episode 11.4: Getting Pissy (3:19)
Episode 11.5: Star-Spangled Hammer with Benjo (3:08)
Episode 11.6: Night Shift (2:47)
Episode 11.7: Bubble Party with Benjo (4:01)
Episode 11.8: $40K Final Table Dance with Benjo (4:25)
Episode 11.9: Ruskies Win with Benjo (2:50)
Episode 11.10: Scooter Race Action (3:19)
Episode 11.11: Donkey Agents (5:05)
Episode 11.12: Donkey Shows (2:01)
Episode 11.13: Big Game Jack (3:56)
Episode 11.14: Early Exits with Benjo (5:00)
Episode 11.15: Press Badgered (3:05)
Episode 11.16: Blogger Backing (4:14)
Episode 11.17: Graveyard Shift with Benjo (4:18)
When I left Las Vegas for a three week bender on the road with Phish summer tour, Michalski got lazy about the Tao of Pokerati. He supposedly recorded a few episodes with special guests Benjo and Katkin, but those have yet to surface. I think that Michalski's dog actually ate the recordings.

Anyway, as soon as I returned to Las Vegas, we recorded a plethora of episodes and discussed a multitude of topics including an angry Michalski, the 50K HORSE, conspiracy theories, and other odds and ends.

Sadly, due to a strike from all French poker writers, Benjo does not appear in too many more episodes. We had one special guest, a cameo from BJ Nemeth, who stepped in for Michalski when he was AWOL for Jeff Lisandro's third bracelet win. We finally worked out a deal with Benjo and the French unions before the Main Event had begun, and your favorite Frenchman returned for the final two episodes

And don't forget to gems which was recorded with AlCantHang and Change100 inside a strip club!

Anyway, here's the pre-Main Event Tao of Pokerati episodes...
Book 11: 2009 WSOP (continued)
Episode 11.18: The Angry Michalski Episode (5:00)
Episode 11.19: Lisandropalooza with BJ Nemeth (3:49)
Episode 11.20: Pauly Returns (5:07)
Episode 11.21: HORSE Hunting (4:09)
Episode 11.22: The Satellite Economy (5:06)
Episode 11.23: Poker VIPees (3:02)
Episode 11.24: Running Numbers (3:30)
Episode 11.25: Tinfoil HORSE (3:52)
Episode 11.26: DonkTwit Conspiracy (4:54)
Episode 11.27: The Best Party of the Year with AlCantHang (1:27)
Episode 11.28: Grindcore with Change100 (2:51)
Episode 11.29: Poker de la Liberte with Benjo (3:06)
Episode 11.30: The Day 1d Debacle with Benjo (5:51)
* * * * *

Michalski and I recorded the November Nine episodes of the Tao of Pokerati podcast inside the Penn & Teller Theatre at the Rio. I also recorded a separate podcast with Benjo...
Book 12: The November Nine
Episode 12.1: Pre-action Action (1:45)
Episode 12.2: Homme-team Advantage (1:45)
Episode 12.3: For Those about to Rock, We Saout You with Benjo (2:25)
Episode 12.4: Hall of Fame Dinner: Voter Hesitation (1:13)
Episode 12.5: Hall of Fame Dinner: Touched by Sexton (2:45)
Episode 12.6: Not-so-Last Call (3:36)
Episode 12.7: The Final 3 (2:56)
Episode 12.8: Wave the Flag with Benjo (4:02)
Episode 12.9: Cutting down Moon (1:58)
Episode 12.10: Cada’s Commencement (1:25)

French Fried Poker with Benjo & Pauly
Episode 1: The Scarf

If you like jokes questioning Michalski's sexuality, busting on Benjo's accent, or alluding to magic mushrooms... then the Tao of Pokerati is for you.

And yes, we'll be back this summer for more episodes at the 2010 WSOP.

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