Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 WSOP and Numbers

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here are a few things I kept track of during the 2009 WSOP...
Days Missed: 20
Phish Shows I Caught: 12
Episodes of the Poker Beat I recorded at the Poker Road Booth: 1
Total Lime Tossing Losses: -80
Times LJ Asked to Watch Lime Tossing: 47
Number of People Who Saw Lime Tossing: 2
Number of Emails I Got in Praise of 'What Does Benjo Think?': 82
Time Benjo said, "420 Bob" in the Pressbox: 420
Times Change100 Threaten to Kill a Flamer in the Chatbox on PokerNews: 11
Times AlCantHang Was Rolled By A Stripper: 1
The Devil Sightings: 7
Times Otis Tiled by Seeing The Devil: 4.5
Times I Saw Tela the Hooker: 1
Times I Asked My Colleagues for a Confirmation on How to Spell... KOALA: 2
Members of the Brazilian Media Who Think I Speak Portuguese: 2
Portuguese Photographers Who I Tilted During the Media Event: 1
Episodes of Tao of Pokerati That Were Not Published: 214
Times Oliver Tse Followed Me into the Bathroom: 1
Members of the Media Stricken by the Donkey Flu: 43
High Score in Beer Bowling at Gold Coast: 172

3x3 at In-N-Out Burger Consumed: 12
Bags of Steak Nuggets I Consumed: 2.5
Kangaroo Burgers from the Poker Kitchen I Consumed: 0
Pizza Hut Pizzas Consumed: 3
Times I Went to McFaddens (formerly the Tilted Kilt): 0
Kit Kats That MeanGene Snuck Out of the UB Suite for Me: 6

Brits Who Loved the Queen, But Hate Jeffrey Pollack: 12
Brits Who Hate the Queen and Love Jeffrey Pollack: 137
Number of Times Jeffrey Pollack Was Spotted in Jeans by Change100: 3
Times I Got in Trouble With Harrahs: 1
Food Comps I Got from Harrahs: 7

Times Charles Barkley Walked By Me: 1
The Average Age of Girls Who Devilfish Would Be Walking Around With: 20 years and 8 months
Total Events My Former NYC Pot Dealer Played In: 2
Steve Chidwick Sweating Maridu at a TV Table Sightings: 1
Annette15 Sightings: 3
Hugs from Liz Lieu: 2
Times I Pissed Next to Arnaud Mattern: 2
Times I Saw Either Ray Davis or Paul Darden in the Back Hallway Asking Phil Ivey for a Stake: 3
Times AngryJulie Screamed When DonkeyBomber Won a Pot: 63
Times Tom McEvoy Walked Around Sleeveless: 1 too many
Times a House Full of Foreign Poker Players Were Robbed by Hookers: 2.5
Times Lou Diamond Philips Asked to Use My Lighter: 1
Times I Saw Vinny Vinh Smoking in front of the Poker Kitchen: 1

Finish in Media Event: 3
Finish in Dream Team Poker's WSOP event: 13
Times I Went to the WSOP Cage: 2
Money I Loaned During the WSOP: $4,500
Players I Had Action On in the Main Event: 1
Dealers Hauled Off in Handcuffs at 3am: 1
Drunks Hauled Off in Handcuffs During the Main Event: 1
Stripclubs I Attended During the WSOP: 1
Stripclubs I Attended Within 16 Hours of the WSOP Ending: 1

Number of People Who Followed @taopauly On Twitter: 2,345
Number of People Who Unfollowed @taopauly on Twitter: 2,269

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