Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 WSOP Live Blog - Main Event Day 6

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Today is one of those days when we start to get to see the big stacks and big stories develop. I thought it would be yesterday, but that

I'm pulling for Julien Brecard. He's the most unknown Frenchman out of the Le Grand Frommage 5 who are still remaining. Also Benjo has at least 1% of him so we all know that he's pulling for his good friend.

And of course, I'm partial to the DonkeyBomber. I had a piece of him in the 50K HORSE and he's a sometime contributor to Pokerati. Good news for Donkeybomber fans, he drew a spot on the featured TV table with Prahlad Friedman.

How could I forget about Joe Sebok, who's like the coolest kid from your high school that everyone loved. The mastermind behind Poker Road is looking to avenge all of those near misses, final table bubbles and nasty beat beats that he incurred over the last few years.

Another huge table? Jordan Morgan drew Phil Ivey and David Benyamine's table. All are top pros but very quiet players who rarely speak at the tables. I guess that's why they're not on the featured TV table.

I'm playing in Dream Team Poker at 2pm and as soon as I busted out, I'll be back to live blogging here. I'll be doing updates as much as I can. You can always head over to for chip counts.

* * * * *

12:32pm... Jordan Morgan Eliminated

Chip Leaders: Warren Zackey
Players Remaining: 170
Recent Eliminations: Paul Baron, Michael Merichko, Jordan Morgan, Tony McGlone, Leonard Greer, Bob Lauria, Harry Kazazian, Scott Eskenazi, Alessandro Longobardi, Jamin Stokes, Paul Smith, Viet Nguyen, Ludovic Lachance, Dan Bilzerian, Mike Minetti

I'm So Lucky's run is over. Jordan Morgan hit the rail in 173rd place. He was one of a dozen or so eliminations in just the first thirty minutes of play.

I was told that there was no specific amount of players they want to get down to and that the goal is to play a full five levels today.

* * * * *

1:35pm... Adventures with Angry Julie

Chip Leaders: Warren Zackey
Recent Eliminations: Adam Latimer, Marty Zabib, Taher Alisheik, Christian Heich, Seth Thomsen, Billy McMahon, Bob Riley, and Michael Greco
Players Remaining: 158

I snuck into the audience at the featured TV table. Why? Because spectators have better access that cedentialed media. I hid my badge and went undercover. I sat in the first row and did not realize that I was next to AngryJulie who is the DonkeyBomber's better half.

There was a sweet old guy in the the stands. He told me that this was his first ever poker tournament as a spectator and he was super excited. He was pestering AngryJulie with basic questions and giving his best color commentary on DOnkeyBomber's progress. He had slipped under 3M and the old guy said, "He only lost 300K and played for an hour, that's great!"

"Obviously you're not a gambler," snapped AngryJulie.

Anyway, she was on the rail sweating her husband which was a reversal of roles this year since the DonkeyBomber spent most of the time on the rail while Julie went deep in a handful of events including a final table finish in the Triple Draw event.
The following players won $36,626.:
163 Adam Latimer
164 Marty Zabib
165 Taher Alisheik
166 Cristian Heich
167 Seth Thomsen
168 Bob Riley
169 Billy McMahon
170 Michael Greco
171 Paul Baron
172 Michael Merichko
173 Jordan Morgan
174 Tony McGlone
175 Leonard Greer
176 Alessandro Longobardi
177 Ludovic Lachance
178 Scott Eskenazi
179 Harry Kazazian
180 Dan Bilzerian
181 Paul Smith
182 Jamin Stokes
183 Viet Nguyen
184 Mike Minetti
185 Bob Lauria
* * * * *

5:14pm... 111 Players Remaining

Recent Eliminations: Blair Hinkle, ELKY, Thierry Van Den Berg, Theo Tran, Jose Rosenkrantz, Joe Serock, and Steven Levy.

Anyway, we're down to 111 players. Some big bustouts? Sarne Lightman just went out in 112th place. Ely busted in 122nd place and was the first Frenchman to bust today.

DonkeyBomber is under 2M in chips after he lost a monsterpotten to Ludovic Lacay. He's up to 4M. Julien Brecard is under 2M. He's had an up and down day. He's wearing a Winamax logo, but according to Benjo, a rival site offered him 25K to wear their logo. Wow. Julien politely declined.

David Benyamine and Phil Ivey are both still in. Joe Sebok is short. Pray for him.

Oh, and yes, Team Tao of Pokerati won Dream Team Poker. We took first overall in the team division and I finished in 13th place. I won $1,420 for my individual prize and our team netted $33K.

* * * * *

5:40pm... 106 Players Remaining; DonkeyBomber Back Up

Recent Eliminations: JC Tran

Dennis Phillips busted JC Tran according to Otis.

A few more bustouts happened in the last few minutes including two international players... from Chile and Romania. Plenty of Frenchies left including Fabrice Soulier who has a decent stack.

For my Dutch readers or Noah Boeken fans, he's down to 1.3M from his starting stack of 2.3M.

DonkeyBomber got back some of his lost chips when he took a pot from John Martin. DonkeyBomber's stack is back over 3M.
The following players won $40,288:
106 Anh Van Nguyen
107 Joel Patchell
108 JC Tran
109 Randy Propson
110 Cristian Tardea
111 Joseph Sanders
112 Sarne Lightman
113 Dwayne Stacey
114 Karl Mahrenholz
115 Chuck Clark
116 Danny Smith
117 David Diaz
118 Roy Vazquez
119 Ryan Gafford
120 Dag Palovic
121 Mihail Stoykov
122 Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier
123 Joe Luht
124 Eric Cloutier
125 Theo Tran
126 Jim Routos
127 Michael Casella
128 Abraham Mourshaki
129 Blair Hinkle
130 Mark Abrantes
131 Eli Adler
132 Don Tran
133 Igor Sharaskin
134 Jim Hartley
135 Edward Teems
136 Bolivar Palacios
137 Nasr El Nasr
138 Thierry van den Berg
139 Herbie Gelman
140 Robert Allen
141 Steven Levy
142 Jose Rosenkrantz
143 Ian Woodley
144 Alex Prendes
145 Joe Serock
146 Joey Lawrence
147 Paul Johnson
148 Michael Comer
149 Maurizio Saieva
150 Craig Crivello
151 Greg Thompson
152 Eracles Panayiotou
153 Brian Hansen
154 Scott Blackman
155 John Monnette
156 Chris Bjorin
157 Salvatore Bonavena
158 Bryan Kerr
159 Cary Katz
160 Carter Swidler
161 Vesa Leikos
162 Cole South
* * * * *

6:40pm... Joe Hachem and David Benyamine Eliminated; Peter Eastgate Alive and Lurking

Chip Leaders: Darvin Moon
Recent Eliminations: Adam Latimer, Marty Zabib, Taher Alisheik, Christian Heich, Seth Thomsen, Billy McMahon, Bob Riley, and Michael Greco
Players Remaining: 101

David Beanymine hit the rail when his Aces lost to a set. $40K is chump change to a high stakes player like Benaymine. He tosses $25K chips to the Bellagio valets as a tip.

Joe Hachem got a thunderous send off when he busted from the featured TV table.

Noah Boeken took a hit when his Kings were cracked by A-Q. He's super short, along with Joe Sebok.
The following players won $40,288:
102 David Benyamine
103 Joe Hachem
104 Alex Gurevich
105 Bob Whalen
106 Anh Van Nguyen
Players are about to go on a dinner break for ninety minutes.

* * * * *

9:25pm... Lacay = Chipleader

Chip Leaders: Ludovic Lacay
Recent Eliminations: Noah Boeken, Julien Brecard, Hac Dang
Players Remaining: 95

Luck of the Frenchies? Ludovic Lacay snapped off Aces with pocket Kings in one of the largest post of the tournament. He moved up to over 5.7M according to Benjo and leap frogged into the chiplead. Sadly, his fellow Team Winamax buddy Julien Brecard did not fare so lucky. He had gotten it all in with Kings versus Aces... only a few minutes after Lacay. Julien was not as lucky and his Kings lost and he finished in 96th place.

I happened to be at the cage when Noah Boeken walked in with a long look on his face. He busted out in 97th place.

Owen Crowe has had an up and down day. He dragged a pot get to around 2M.

Sebok has been short all day, heck all tournament long. He's gotten the flu like four times since the Main Event started two months ago. He even acquired Malaria, Typhoid and got shanked by a tweaker in the parking lot.
The following players won $47,003:
91 Bobby Law
92 Brennan Hanson
93 Minh Nguyen
94 Kasper Cordes
95 Tien Shou
96 Noah Boeken
97 Julien Brecard
98 Hac Dang
99 Ryan Hart

The following players won $40,288:
100 Bernhard Perner
101 Royal Wiseman

* * * * *

10:25pm... Kenny Tran Out

Chip Leaders:
Recent Eliminations: Kenny Tran
Players Remaining: 81

The players are busting out at a steady pace... still.

I railedbirded the DonkeyBomber for a bit. He folded a hand to a flop raise and slipped a bit. He has AngryJulie and Robert Goldfarb on the rail supporting him. He also has Ludovic Lacay to his left and Happt Shulman to his right.
The following players won $57,991:
83 Jose Gomez
84 Elad Magidov
85 Alper Sar
86 Kenny Tran
87 Loic Degrou
88 Wesley Ismay
89 Jamie Brown
90 Aaron Coulthard
Players are going on a break... the last of the night. They will return and play one more level. There's nine tables remaining.
* * * * *

11:35pm... No Repeat for Eastgate

Chip Leaders: Darvin Moon, Billy Kopp Phil Ivey, and Ludovic Lacay
Recent Eliminations: Peter Eastgate, Owen Crowe
Players Remaining: 72

The DonkeyBomber got moved tables which he desperately needed since he had a tougher table with Ludvic lacay to his left with the chiplead. At his new table, the DonkeyBomber doubled up with A-K versus A-Q. His wife, AngryJulie, went nuts on the rail. She's a very enthusiastic woman, especially when DonkeyBomber wins a pot. He picked up another one... I only know because I heard her cheer from the other side of the room.

I sweated Joe Sebok on the featured TV table. He was with Peter Eastgate and Dennis Phillips. When I was there, Sebok moved all in without a caller and then Eastgate busted on the next hand.

One of the two remaining females, Nichoel Peppe, just hit the rail. She got a loud sendoff. I chatted with her husband on the rail for a bit.

Phil Ivey is sitting on the secondary TV table with Blair Rodman. They are both wearing Poker Road patches. Ivey is closing in on 5M or so.
The following players won $68,979:
73 Daniel Neilson
74 Tim Kahlmeyer
75 Nichoel Peppe
76 Brent Catalano
77 Kent Goulding
78 Peter Eastgate
79 Owen Crowe
80 Alex Jalali
81 Matt Affleck

The following player won $57,991:
82 Frank Rusnack
* * * * *

12:50am... After Midnight; 64 Players Remaining

The dreaded slowdown... The DonkeyBomber got moved to the featured TV table, while Joe Sebok got taken off for the last hour of play.

The night ended with 64 players remaining. They will play down to 27 tomorrow.
The following player won $90,344:
65 Fernando Gordo
66 Brian Powell
67 Hamid Nourafchan
68 Clayton Newman
69 Rifat Palevic
70 Reed Hensel
71 Andreas Flakstad
72 Jake Abdalla
Two Frenchies are left along with Joe Sebok, the DonkeyBomber, and Phil Ivey.

Action will resume at noon on Tuesday.

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