Monday, July 13, 2009

Making Day 2 of Dream Team Poker's WSOP Event

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I run good in Dream Team Poker tournaments. Just the other day, I made the final table and took third place in the media event run by Dream Team Poker. There was no money invovled in that freeroll, but I managed to win money that would be donated to the Nevada Cancer Institute.

But on Sunday, Dream Team Poker had their third event regular event. Each team entry cost $1,500 or $500 per person. I missed the first one last November but Michalski and I played with Shaniac for Team Tao of Pokerati at the previous event at Caesar's Palace in March.

Team Tao Pokerati

This time, with Shaniac not available and his alternate the DonkeyBomber going deep into the Main Event, we added LJ to the roster. She had a decent score earlier in the WSOP when she made the final two tables of a HORSE event.

I don't have too much time to go into details, but both Michalski and I cashed and advanced to Day 2 or the final three tables. 122 teams signed up or 366 total players. Since we're the only team with two players remaining, the overall team championship is well within our grasps. We both have to make it to the final two tables to win it outright.

I finished Day 1 top 8 in chips with 158K. My highlights included sitting across from a shirtless Tom McEvoy and finding out that he sold his Corvette for $27,000 . He won it for winning the Champions Invitational. I also busted Men the Master's wife when I won my coinflip. And it was cool that Michalski's dad was in town and cheering us on from the rail. He was very excited whenever we won a hand. And it was definitely a treat to have friends and colleagues stop in and check up on our progress. Thanks for the support.

Here's how Dream Team Poker works.., they split the prize pool and pay out the Top 10 teams and the Top 36 places. They only count the top two finishers per team.
Total Prize Pool: $177,510
Team Prize Pool: $106,506
Individual Prize Pool: $71,004

Team Pay Outs:
1st $33,017
2nd $18,106
3rd $10,651
4th $7,988
5th $7,455
6th $6,923
7th $6,390
8th $5,858
9th $5,325
10th $4,793

Individual Player Pay Outs:
1st $16,473
2nd $7,810
3rd $5,680
4th $4,260
5th $3,621
6th $3,160
7th $2,485
8th $1,775
9th-10th $1,598
11th $1,527
12th-14th $1,420
15th-16th $1,243
17th-18th $1,065
19th-27th $710
28th-36th $639

Photo by Owen Laukkanen

Yeah, the re-start is for 2pm on Monday in the Brasilia Room. I'll be updating my progress via Twitter, so follow along if you care.

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