Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tao of Pokerati - The Return of Pauly Episodes

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

It appears that as soon as I left for Phish summer tour, Michalski got lazy about the Tao of Pokerati. He supposedly recorded a few episodes with special guests Benjo and Katkin, but those have yet to surface. I think that Michalski's dog actually ate the recordings.

Anyway, as soon as I returned to Las Vegas last week, we recorded a plethora of episodes of the shortest poker podcast on the intertubes. We discussed a multitude of topics including an angry Michalski, the 50K HORSE, conspiracy theories, and other odds and ends.

Sadly, due to a strike from all French poker writers, Benjo does not appear in these episodes. We have one special guest, a cameo from BJ Nemeth, who stepped in for Michalski when he was AWOL for Jeff Lisandro's third bracelet victory at this year's WSOP. We hope to finally work out a deal with Benjo and the French unions before the Main Event begins.

Anyway, here's the episodes that we recorded since my return...
Episode 11.18: The Angry Michalski Episode (5:00)
Episode 11.19: Lisandropalooza with BJ Nemeth (3:49)
Episode 11.20: Pauly Returns (5:07)
Episode 11.21: HORSE Hunting (4:09)
Episode 11.22: The Satellite Economy (5:06)
Episode 11.23: Poker VIPees (3:02)
Episode 11.24: Running Numbers (3:30)
Episode 11.25: Tinfoil HORSE (3:52)
Episode 11.26: DonkTwit Conspiracy (4:54)
For older episodes of Tao of Pokerati, feel free to visit the archives.

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